Piston 3 Youth Edition Review

Piston 3 Youth Edition - a simplified version of headphone Piston 3 by the Chinese company 1more. Cost of "youth" version is lower than original Piston 3 and their design  is very similar. Xiaomi Youth Edition is positioned as a stylish and practical youth accessory. Let's look at what these headphones are capable of.

Headphones Specifications:

Resistance of 32 ohms
Frequency range 20 Hz - 20K Hz
Rated power 5mW
Headphone sensitivity 98 dB
Plug 3.5 mini Jack, nickel
Type headphones intracanal
Comes with remote controller, 3 buttoned
Cable length 1.25 m
Weight 15 grams
Colors vary


Headphones come in a tidy little white box with a recognizable logo Mi. Box itself is made of thin cardboard, it does not stand test for pressure like other boxes Xiaomi and use it as shipping box also fail. However, with its main function of packaging is coping perfectly well.

What's inside?

And inside is headset itself 3 Piston Youth Edition and additional caps for ears. Set is certainly not plentiful, but three additional caps (4 including ones on headset) - it's very nice when you consider cost of headset.

The box itself is divided into two compartments: a larger, which occupies about 75% of the space with headphones and a smaller (25%) with nozzles for different ear sizes. Box is tapped with transparent round-shape tape, with QR-code on it, which is not accessible by a scanner codes, it can not determine the reference, issuing it as damaged.

Design and usability

Headphones are approximately the same design as the original Piston 3. Among the differences include:

  •          flat cord
  •          plastic cups
  •          more massive remote
  •          Cord material

The cable is flat and quite long, I would even say too long. It has a solid silicone coating practically can not be tangled. Cable is heavy while wearing it sags a bit and pulls the headphones themselves. Saves situation that Piston 3 Youth Edition is just fine attached to the ear.

Though Cups made of plastic, not metal, such as Voice Of China, but they have no complaints, headset sits firmly and comfortably in the ear without creating unnecessary tension and pleasant material makes ear pads do not sweat. On body of cups is carved marking L / R, so that the left and right earpiece can be easily distinguished.

Remote controller

The control panel is combined with a microphone, it has three buttons - stop / play / answer / drop call and volume. It is plastic, mounted on the right earpiece and works perfectly. There are no claims to it there, remote works equally well as with   Apple technology, and smartphones from other manufacturers.

Buttons enough protruding from the plane of the body, easy to grope in the dark. Play icons and arrows cut the volume on the keys, but it is more useful only for visual effect.


Sound in Youth Edition is not bad, it is consistent with price range which provides headset. Well suited for listening to classical and electronic music, but the bass is not so smooth, Hip-Hop lovers will not appreciate sound of headphones.

I would like to praise 1more for volume which they have granted their 3 Piston Youth Edition, it is high. However it is not clear, whether it is really loud headphones or well done insulation. Speaking of noise insulation, practically headphone does not let sound from outside. Users should be careful and attentive on the road because the noise of the car approaching you can not hear, even at a moderate level.


The main drawback of headphones can be called fastening cable to 3.5 mm mini-jack. It is kind of poorly attached and is greatly bending while wearing. It seems that it is about to detach. With the headphone itself there is no such problem, flat cable goes directly into plastic earphone hole, it looks safe. So you should carefully exploit Youth Edition, not to tear the cable at the base.

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