QCY: Musical, Stylish, Innovative!

More and more companies are becoming part of the Xiaomi ecological chain, expanding its products range with many interesting devices.

One of such innovative and extremely promising brand is QCY, a company that produces wireless headphones, wireless speakers, and Bluetooth headsets.

A little bit about the history of the QCY — the Chinese biggest manufacturer of a Bluetooth wireless device, the brand with 13 years history.

QCY was founded in 2009, based on the parent company Hele Electronics Co. Ltd, that was established in 2003. After two years of hard work, in 2011, the brand founded a large online store in China and began to distribute Bluetooth-headphones of its own design.

In 2012, on a wave of success, the company establishes cooperation with such well-known corporations as Samsung, Motorola, Mitsubishi (Japan), Murata (Japan) and others.

Thanks to such a powerful international cooperation, QCY specialists were able to improve their own technologies, as well as to introduce the latest developments in the field of Bluetooth into the production.

In 2013, the online store QCY received the “Best Store” award from the T-Mall, platform for online retailing.

In 2014, sales in the Chinese and international markets are growing rapidly. In 2015, they reach already 0.4 billion Yuan (>63 mln USD).

During this period, namely on August 21, 2014, the company released wireless headphones QY7, which became iconic.

In 2016, QCY is taking an important step by establishing its own research and development unit aimed at researching modern wireless technologies.

In the same year, the success of the company was noted by the Guangdong government. It fixed the status of the Hele Electronics as a “national high-tech enterprise.”

QCY deals with wireless technologies, so the company’s product range is extremely specialized. Basically, it’s wireless headphones, wireless speakers, and Bluetooth headsets.

The main priorities of the brand designers are ergonomics (which means convenience), high-tech of the created devices, so they are easy and pleasant to use.

Due to special attention to the quality and understanding of the needs of the modern user, QCY gadgets have many useful features. This is an excellent battery life, and a strong reliable body, and a large radius of signal action and much more.

Therefore, if you are looking for incredible wireless headphones, a stylish portable speaker or a cool Bluetooth headset, pay attention to QCY products.

I am with Music.

I am with Sports.

And I am glad to share them with you via Bluetooth.

I am QCY.

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