QiCycle Kids – the Best Safety Bicycle for Your Child

Do you remember your first bike debut? For many people, the bicycle is not just a usual vehicle or a way to keep oneself in good physical shape (but although we agree this is a strong argument to like the bicycle). The bicycle is warm memories from childhood: racing with friends, the opportunity to rush faster than the wind, the first abrasions and knocked down knees.


That’s why the bicycle will become a great gift for your child, which he will remember even after ten years. But it is very important to choose a proper model that will be safe for your child. The new model of children’s bicycle QiCycle Kids.

QiCycle Kids full view

In such a short time this bicycle has already got the title “the safest child’s bicycle” and this is quite justified.

The construction of the rudder and the frame are made due to international standards and will protect the child from bumps and injuries during a sharp braking. And by the way, a special handbrake is installed on the handlebar, which will provide a soft, comfortable, and most importantly safe braking. Pedals can be disconnected if necessary and your child will be able to ride, pushing his feet off the ground that helps to train the balance. Moreover, the child will be able to ride on it, starting from two years old. This is an excellent preparation that will help your child to ride an adult bicycle in the future.

QiCycle Kids construction

The bicycle chain is protected by a special plastic cover, the seat is adjusted to the growth of the child and helps to reduce the burden on the spine. You can also buy an extra helmet if the child is a beginner and has never tried cycling. The QiCycle Kids Helmet For Cycling helmet combines all the necessary features for a safe ride.

QiCycle Kids Helmet

Give your child an unforgettable experience with the bike QiCycle Kids. And if you want to join him, buy a bicycle for yourself and go biking together.

QiCycle Kids safe bike

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