Qimian Belt That Will Show Your Aristocratic Temper

For many of us, jeans are the usual casual clothes that are very convenient to wear. But what if we look at them from another side? Jeans are the status, self-confidence, style, and charm.

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The proper accessories will help to complete your look. And the belt is one of them. That’s why Xiaomi with the QIMIAN Company released the handmade leather belt.


So, how should the perfect belt look like? Which details should be concerned?

Firstly, you should pay an attention to the buckle. It should be durable with the low level of plastic. In addition to this, the buckle shouldn’t be automatic because this type of buckle is ideal for suits but inappropriate to jeans.


But the most important thing for the belt is the material it is made of. We won’t talk about the leatherette, but not every type of leather will be suitable for producing the belts. The main requirements are the next. The leather should be soft, flexible, but at the same time durable. How to combine these controversial features? Of course with the help of special technology.


That’s why Xiaomi has decided to ask the QIMIAN experts to create the perfect belt. Tuscan masters know a lot about the leather. Do you know that the leather of different animals has different characteristics? For example, pork leather is durable, calf — flexible, sheep — elastic.

 belt manufacrturing

belts QIMIAN

The Tuscan masters have shared some secrets with us. To get the high-quality belt you need to combine different types of leather. That’s why QIMIAN belt is made of seven-layers 100% tanned leather from Tuscan.

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There are no chemicals — only natural raw materials. Moreover, the QIMIAN specialists saved the unsurpassed texture of every piece of leather. That’s why these belts are the unique accessories.

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