QIN – New Feature Phone at MIOT Crowdfunding Platform

The new one feature phone model by QIN brand was launched at MIOT Crowdfunding platform. But we can’t say that this is the typical representative of the feature phones because it has some smart features. We know that a lot of well-known smartphone manufacturers have in their model line the feature phones. What about the QIN?

QIN 1 and QIN 1s will be suitable for seniors or children. It is reported that the model uses the 2.8-inch display with 240×230 screen resolution. There are two colors available to order — white and gray.

The phone is provided with voice assistant and AI translation engine that can make the real-time translation in 17 languages (perfect for traveling, asking directions, ordering, shopping etc.)

In terms of battery life, the QIN AI phone is equipped with a 1480 mAh polymer battery, which can be used for 15 days on a single charge or for the continuous talk for 420 minutes.

It is worth mentioning that the QIN AI phone incorporates the infrared remote control function. You can easily control the infrared devices such as air conditioners, TVs, set-top boxes, etc., to get rid of the trouble of finding a remote control.

It should be noted that there are two modifications — the screen, size, thickness, color matching are the same, but the hardware is completely different.

QIN 1 is the 2G network version that supports WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2, equipped with single-core ARM7 processor MT6260A and built-in Nucleus operating system, with 8MB RAM + 16MB ROM, standby up to 15 days.

QIN 1s is the 4G network version, also supports WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2, and GPS, VOLTE, equipped with dual-core A53 processor SC9820E, built-in MOCOR5 operating system, with 256MB RAM + 512MB ROM, standby up to 7 days.

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I am very please with the Qin 1S bought from Aliexpress but I would like to get a complete user manual in English if possible so that I could use all functionality of that mobile phone. I also have problem to open an account with Duos in translator. It keep telling me that it is sending a code but where does it is sent ? In MMS or Email or.... Thanks for a prolly answer. Andre

I buy a Xiaomi Qin 1 2G phone from a online shop . 1st it was in English language but after I clicked restore factory & it's show in Chinese . I can not find out how to back on English language .

Hello, ravi! On behalf of Xiaomi Global Community, we recommend you to contact the seller and they should support you with more information, please. Thank you.

have this phone any global version?

Good product