Quality Above All: How Mi down Jackets Are Made at the RunMi 90 Points Factory

Today you have a chance to look at the heart of RunMi — a plant where not only the RunMi clothes are manufactured, but also new super-lightweight seamless down jackets for Xiaomi are made. Here what you should know about the process.

First, the shell material for the future down jacket is cut according to the prepared patterns into stripes with an ultra-thin blade. At this point, the worker’s hands are protected from possible injury by a special metalized glove.

Then these stripes are sewn in pairs and filled with premium down. This forms the basis for the future jacket. Why did RunMi choose down? There are several reasons for this. Down has great insulating qualities, thus it will keep you warm. It is also light and compresses very well, which allows you to roll the jacket up easily and fit it into a tight place if you do not plan to use it for a while.

Next comes the part when the tubes filled with down are sewn together horizontally. At this stage, the sleeves and collar are added as well. Notice that the jacket turns out very neat. It is only slightly puffy and will not make you look like a bag of potatoes, but is still very warm.

In the end, the down jacket has to pass one of the most important tests. The worker checks if the stitches are even, if there are not crocheted feathers or threads, and even if the weight of the final product is right. Overall, the down jacket passes about 18 quality control procedures at various stages of production.

If you want attention to details and warmth on chilly evenings, every down jacket from RunMi or Mi is your goal. With their high quality down, lightweight and durable shell material you can put them on and feel warm, cozy and trendy.

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