Redmi S2 – Smartphone for Selfies Was Released!

This afternoon Xiaomi has officially released the Redmi S2 smartphone which is known as “the best Redmi selfie-phone”.

The model will be available in three color variations: pink, gold, silver and two modifications of RAM (3 and 4GB).

The model has a wide 5.99-inches display with 18:9 ratio. The elegant construction of sides and symmetrical design — even the big screen won’t cause the problem in operating the device.

The main “feature” of this model is qualitative selfie-camera. 16Mp front camera makes shots in high resolution and fully retains details on the picture. In the dark light conditions, it supports night mode with large 2μm pixels, which helps to make qualitative photos even in the night time.

Redmi S2 main camera is also quite good. It is equipped with double 12+5 MP AI dual camera (12MP with large 1.25μm pixel camera and a 5MP camera to capture depth-of-field on the photos).

New smartphone supports AI beauty function in both front and rear portrait cameras and helps to work with your facial features, like exclusive face-lift, skin rejuvenation, acne, dark circles, whitening, lip color, shape of nose. It also supports AI makeup beauty, intelligent facial makeup recognition.

The model is equipped with Snapdragon 625 high-performance processor, the world’s leading eight-core 64-bit low consumption chipset. The device can run large games smoothly and its performance and power consumption are excellent.

Redmi S2 is equipped with the 2+1 card slot (2 SIM, 1 Micro-SD card slots). The internal memory can be expanded up to 256GB.

The Face unlocking is based on AI algorithm that instantly identifies and unlocks the Redmi S2 — all of this in the blink of an eye. You won’t have to worry that your fingerprint sensor is unable to unlock your device because of your wet hands.

The smartphone has special built-in AI voice assistant to provide the complex operation of the smartphone. It will be quite useful especially when you want to send the text messages while driving, make the phone call during the cooking or turn the lights when you are going to bed.

So, it is a quite good and cost-effective smartphone for young people.

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