Reliable Temperature Logging by Zenmeasure

Everyone knows the importance of keeping the proper temperature conditions during the transportation of some goods. Just think how important it is especially for medical supplies. The irresponsibility, in this case, can cause many problems as for users as for the manufacturer.

That’s why this small device produced by one of the Xiaomi partners — the Zenmeasure Company will definitely be appreciated. Let’s look closer at the main features of this Wireless Temperature Logger.

This extremely useful miniature sensor can be placed directly into the box with the product that you need to transport. That is how it can track the temperature rate during the transportation.

In addition to this, the gadget is equipped with a smart component — it can be synchronized with a smartphone! Thus, you can monitor the temperature of the transported products or substances in real time mode!

The measurement interval is 5 minutes and it allows you very quickly react to the unplanned temperature changes, find the reason and take the proper actions.

The working temperature of the device is in the range from −30 to +60 degrees Celsius.

As you can see, this sensor will be especially useful for different transport, food, medical companies and for ordinary household usage too.

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