Review: 1 MORE Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones MOMO Edition

It was these headphones that the famous Chinese singer Wu Mochou (MOMO Wu) chose for the recording one of her albums. They have a built-in Bluetooth-chip and unique user’s hearing protection. Today they are in our test lab!

Packaging and setup

The headphones are shipped in a quality and stylish packaging in dark colors, traditional for 1More products. In the packaging, there is a smooth dark box with the 1More logo, where the gadget and its accessories are kept. 1MORE Over-Ear MOMO Edition has a standard, rather long audio cable (1.2m) with built-in control panel, Micro USB cable for charging device, practical fabric bag, funny sticker and instruction set in English and Chinese. It is noteworthy that the headphones were packaged with unusual care — inside the box there is a dense rubber mold where the headphones are. Such solution is very practical because it really can prevent the damage during transportation.


We can talk a lot about the remarkable design of 1MORE Over-Ear MOMO Edition, but we will try to give the further characterization. Comfortable, stylish, memorable — just in three words you can describe the form factor of headphones. The headband of the gadget is made of an interesting combination of materials — reinforced plastic and stainless steel TR-90. The headband is flexible and, at the same time, very durable. Don’t worry about the integrity of your gadget — the used materials made the headphones resistant to deformations and excessive bends. The headbands can be adjusted to fit your head shape and size. The Bluetooth control buttons are located on the back of the right ear cap.

There you will find:

  • power/activation button and indicator;
  • volume control keys;
  • “pause” and “answer the call” buttons;
  • 1More button to configure the mobile application;
  •  port for a standard audio cable.

On the back of the left ear cap the designers placed a microUSB port and a button for switching between three low-frequency modes (Bass). We also need to say about materials of the audio cable. Outside it is covered with a durable and elastic TPE material, and inside it is equipped with a Kevlar braid. This cable is very difficult to bend or rub! The material of the inner surface of the headband is a soft silicone, and the ear pads are made of leather with excellent tactile qualities. Thanks to this design the headphones sit tightly and don’t press on the head, which allows to comfortably spend a lot of time in 1MORE Over-Ear MOMO Edition.


Headphones have excellent specs:

  • wide frequency range 20—20000Hz;
  • impedance — 32Ohm;
  • sensitivity — 104dB;
  • rated power — 50mW;
  • weight — 810 g.


1MORE Over-Ear MOMO Edition is equipped with a unique system of the user’s hearing protection. The principle of work is very simple, like everything ingenious. As you know, the human ear can withstand up to 85dB, without harm to the ear. Therefore, 1More engineers developed a system that tracks the volume of the listening music and, in the case of exceeding the threshold of 85dB, automatically reduces it, after a certain period of time.

Accordingly, the more the music exceeds 85dB mark, the less the control system will allow it to sound at such loudness. For example, 97dB will sound for about 30 minutes, and 112dB for less than a minute. The sound quality of the headphones is really very high. The sound is very clean, perfectly transmits high and low tones. The bass adjustment button performs its task 100%. Three positions — three different sounds!

The owner of 1MORE Over-Ear MOMO Edition can really adjust the sound as he likes! The high quality of sound is provided by a special membrane designed in the form of a “sandwich”. This means that the membrane consists of several layers of different materials: PET, metal used in the aerospace industry, polymer, etc. To ensure the comfort of the owner and to convey all the clarity of sound over Bluetooth, the designers used the CSR Bluetooth chip and the aptX Codec technology, which has long been used by well-known electronics manufacturers and has proven itself. The principle of the technology is that the aptX Codec reduces the data transfer rate, “adjusting” to the Bluetooth bandwidth. Thus, there is a clear data transfer, without losses of sound quality. According to the manufacturer, the battery life of the headphones stands for 15 hours of listening to music and up to 26 hours of talk time.

Practical use


The first pleasant feature: the headphones work both with iOS and Android-platforms. The second nice feature: the headphones are very easy to synchronize with a smartphone in Bluetooth mode. To do it install a special application 1More Assistant App, which fully reveals all the possibilities of 1MORE Over-Ear MOMO Edition. What is especially nice is that this application can be downloaded by simply scanning the QR code, which is attached directly to the headphones.

To synchronize the device with the smartphone, you need to activate the Bluetooth mode of the application and hold the power button on the headphones for three seconds, until the LED starts flashing blue/red. After that you should wait until the smartphone finds the headphones and continue to follow the instructions of the program. Our connection passed smoothly. In addition to various sound settings, 1More Assistant App has a special setting for the functions of the 1More Button. There is an extremely convenient feature, which allows assigning the button, for example, the function of turning on the camera of synchronized smartphone or activation the Facebook page, etc. Imagine you listen to music in Bluetooth-mode with the smartphone in your pocket. And then you need to quickly make a photo. You press 1More Button, with a camera function bound to it, just pull out the smartphone and take pictures, because the camera will be activated! In addition, the application allows launching the hearing protection function in Bluetooth mode. As for the classical wired listening mode, 1More engineers also provided a couple of convenient features. If you press the track start/pause button three times on the wired headphone panel, the next track will sound. If you press twice quickly, the previous track starts to sound. The sound quality of 1MORE Over-Ear MOMO Edition can be described in one word — excellent!

The sound is very clean, perfectly transmits low and high tones. The button for switching bass is another comfortable feature of the headphones, which allows to add variety to the music you are listening to. The aptX Codec technology is impressing! The sound of Bluetooth-listening keeps its purity and high quality. The adjustment of headphones and the impressions of wearing them is great! The headphones can be tuned to different head types. The ear pads are very soft and pleasant, the headphones fit snugly and don’t press on the head, that are very important for long wearing. The noise isolation is at a very high level — extraneous noise will not distract you from the listening to music. If we talk about the quality of sound in conversations it is at a very high level either. During a conversation in Bluetooth mode, you will hear the interlocutor well thanks to the high-quality microphone of headphones!


After testing the headphones, we can understand the choice of the singer MOMO. 1MORE Over-Ear MOMO Edition is just a gorgeous gadget! Stylish, comfortable, wireless, with excellent sound quality and a super-useful function of hearing protection. If you are looking for qualitative, beautiful and safe Bluetooth headphones, pay attention to this device from 1More specialists. I’m sure you won’t regret it!

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