Review: KingMi Multi USB Port Power Adapter (5 USB)

It seems incredible, but a small “box” of only 11×8 cm in size is able to solve most of your problems with charging a smartphone, laptop or other USB-compatible gadgets. We are talking about KingMi Multi USB Port Power Adapter (5 USB), which we have in our laboratory. Now we will know the degree of its usefulness!

Packaging and setup

The gadget is packaged in a white cardboard box — the classics of the Xiaomi ecosystem. On the inside the box is divided into two sections, in one of which there is the charger itself, and in the other — accessories (each in its own plastic bag). The accessory selection of the device is quite interesting. In addition to the KingMi Multi USB Port Power Adapter (5 USB), we have:

  • power cable;
  • dual-USB cable for dual-port mode;
  • 6 nozzles-adapters for various types of electric plugs;
  • convenient tissue bag for transporting the gadget;
  • special removable legs;
  • brief instruction in Chinese.

As you can see, the designers developed this charger to be more universal so it could be suitable for the most popular gadgets. The design of the charger is high-tech". White color, rounded corners, smooth and a surface very pleasant to the touch. Everything is stylish and strict — nothing extra. KingMi Multi USB Port Power Adapter (5 USB) is an extremely compact gadget. Its overall dimensions are only 110.5×80.8×18.3 mm and the weight is 195g. Due to its elegance and compactness, the device easily fits in any interior, and thanks to a convenient form factor — is perfect for transportation. With such a gadget, it really doesn’t make sense to take a few heavy power adapters for devices — we need just a USB cable!

Technical specifications

KingMi Multi USB Port Power Adapter (5 USB) is equipped with five USB ports, each of which supports fast charging QC 2.0. The total output power of the device is 65W. In charging mode from one port, the gadget is able to output three kinds of voltage: 5V/2A, 9V/1.8A and 12V/1.5A. Thanks to a special cable, the device can operate in dual-port mode, which allows to provide a voltage of 20V/3A. This little guy is perfect for charging devices with large capacity batteries, for example, for laptops. In addition, the charger has an extremely wide input voltage range of AC 100—240V. This parameter makes the gadget adaptable to various electrical networks. Of course, such type of charger got an advanced protection system. KingMi Multi USB Port Power Adapter (5 USB) is protected against overvoltage, short circuit and overheating. In addition, the gadget monitors the charging process in real time. If the output current exceeds the maximum permissible value, the output is automatically switched off. Thus, there is protection for both the charger itself and the gadget that is being charged.

Practical use

KingMi Multi USB Port Power Adapter (5 USB) is the case when you can’t say a lot about the gadget’s work. It is so simple and reliable. We tried to connect one, two, five devices at once — the gadget quickly charged them, getting warm within the limits of the norm. Removable legs are very helpful. Thanks to them, the gadget can be positioned on one of its sides. Thus, the owner will be able to place the charger wherever he needs.


KingMi Multi USB port power adapter 5 USB is a very practical and useful gadget that meets modern user trends. The device has proved itself in work, and its design gives only pleasant emotions.

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