REVIEW: Konjac AI Translator

Konjac AI translator — is a new translation device, which supports the Microsoft translation technology and can translate into 14 languages. Interesting design and striking price — this is a really competitive decision on the market.

The design of the pocket translator is similar to iPod Nano, but it has not the display. The form factor is quite convenient. You can put it in your pocket or in a small bag — it weighs only 63g.

What languages can support this device? Here they are:

1. Chinese

2. English

3. Japanese

4. Korean

5. French

6. German

7. Spanish

8. Russian

9. Portuguese

10. Italian

11. Dutch

12. Danish

13. Finnish

14. Swedish


The design of the box is made according to MIOT Ecosystem standards — the pure white box with the brand logo on it.

The packaging consists of the translator, user manual, and Micro-USB cable.

The power button is situated on the top. On the main panel is situated the LED-indicator, control wheel (speech input/replay, foreign text entry/replay, volume +/-) and microphone. On the bottom side, there are the 3,5mm audio jack and Micro USB port.

Metallic surface looks expensive — it uses the same anodized aluminum blasting process like MacBook Pro.


The device supports 2.4G WiFi and mobile phone hotspots. There is no need to download the app. Directly follow the WeChat public account, enter the password and the translator can be automatically networked on the same LAN.

To begin the work with the translator you should scan the QR code in the manual, and follow the link.

After that hold on the power button until you see the green light blinking and choose the second icon and then the first message.

To make the Wi-Fi configuration please change the username and password to my0001cn.

After that hold the ME button and say NI HAO SHI SHI.

After that hold the power button and it will require you to enter the numbers it will say in Chinese (there is the pronunciation below).

After that, you will be able to choose the proper language of translation. The default languages are Chinese and English.

After that you will see the finishing setup screen that looks like that:


The device is available in silver and deep gray color variations. It is equipped with the single microphone with intelligent noise reduction technology.

The results of tests show that it can recognize the voice in the 2m distance.

The translator has a 900mAh capacity lithium polymer battery with a low-power chipset that supports 2 hours of fast charging, 8 hours of continuous translation, and up to 7 days of standby mode.

When you press the middle button you will be able to listen to music, weather forecasts or audio content broadcasts.

The translator library contains about 5 million phrases and sentences that will be proper to use in different situations and scenarios. The Microsoft AI translation engine is highly integrated with Microsoft’s three major technical capabilities: speech recognition, natural language understanding, and machine translation.

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