Review: Lunar Smart Sleep Sensor – Safe, Accurate and Smart Sleep Monitor!


It is no secret that the Xiaomi ecosystem is constantly being widened with new smart gadgets covering various aspects of human life. The next smart device is the Lunar Smart Sleep Sensor — a sleep sensor that can track sleep phases without constant synchronization with the smartphone via Wi-Fi. Of course, such device could not pass by our test lab.

Packaging and setup

The device comes in a compact white box with the Lunar inscription. The box consists of two compartments: the first one contains the USB/Micro USB cable, and in the second one, there is the gadget in a special plastic case, the instruction in Chinese and a nice cardboard card with a wish-card from the sensor creators.

We should also note the plastic box, where the Lunar Smart Sleep Sensor is kept. It is of a very high quality, with a soft lining inside of the lid, which helps to protect the gadget from possible damage during transportation.


The sensor was created in the best traditions of the Xiaomi ecosystem and the concept of IoT (Internet of Things). Lightweight (12 grams) and compact (44×14.5 mm), with a ribbed upper body resembling frozen waves, this gadget created from hypoallergenic plastic resembles a small seashell.

Not only is it convenient in serving its intended purpose, but thanks to its excellent tactile properties, it is very pleasing to just hold it in your hand!


The principle of the Lunar Smart Sleep Sensor sleep monitor can be compared with similar technologies in Mi Band 2 or Amazfit Arc. The main difference is the possibility of making measurements without direct contact with the body. The owner can simply put the gadget under the pillow before going to bed — that will be enough.

Another interesting feature is the ability to operate the device without a permanent connection to Wi-Fi. This emphasizes the care of the sensor designers for the health of the Lunar Smart Sleep Sensor user.

The monitor is equipped with a 160 mAh battery, which allows it to work up to 90 days on a single charge. For recharging, the gadget is equipped with a Micro USB port.

Practical use

Lunar Smart Sleep Sensor can be synchronized with the smartphone using the Mi Home application and Wi-Fi standard 802.11 b/g/n. To configure the link, you need to connect the gadget to a USB-compatible power source (PC, powerbank, etc.), detect the device on your smartphone, press a single button on the back of the gadget three times, and then follow the program instructions. Of course, after installation, you can bind the device to a separate icon on the desktop of the smartphone, which is quite a convenient feature.

The main idea of the sleep monitor is simple. You just need to put it under the pillow before going to bed (or put it inside a pillowcase), and everything will be done by the gadget’s sensors. They will measure the pressure applied to them, calculating how many times you turned over at night, at what time intervals you slept quietly, how many hours, in general, were spent sleeping, etc.

For more accurate analysis, you must first enter your data into the application menu on your smartphone: height, weight, age and gender. In order to see the information collected by Lunar Smart Sleep Sensor, you need to connect the gadget to a USB-compatible power source and synchronize with the smartphone — in the offline mode the Wi-Fi gadget doesn’t work as intended.

Based on weekly measurements, the sensor will build a diagram of your sleep, show how much you’ve slept peacefully, or restless, etc. Everything is simple and understandable.


The Xiaomi ecosystem has been updated with another simple and useful device. Lunar Smart Sleep Sensor was designed to control the phases of sleep, and it does an excellent job at that. Nothing more, but nothing less either!

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