Review: Mi 8 Explorer Edition

Mi 8 Explorer Edition is one of the outstanding models in Xiaomi line. The device is available only with 8GB RAM and 128GB of memory. The design is definitely unique. But what this model is capable of? Let’s start out review!


The packaging box is larger to compare with Mi 8. The model comes in a black box with the golden number “8” on it.

Mi8 Explorer Edition view

When you open the box, the first thing you can see is the smartphone.

Mi8 Explorer Edition  package

You will also get a USB Type-C cable, power adapter, transparent protective case, SIM needle and Type-C to Audio adapter.

Mi8 Explorer Edition  power adapter

Mi8 Explorer Edition  SIM


The EE version has a “notch” design that has become very popular this year.

The USB Type-C interface, speakers, and microphone are situated on the bottom side.

Mi8 Explorer Edition  USB

Mi8 Explorer Edition  front camera

The model works with NANO-SIM. Here is the SIM retainer on the left side.

Mi8 Explorer Edition  buttons

Mi8 Explorer Edition  SIM

The back panel is transparent, but it looks very cool. This is one of the model’s “features”. Some people think that it is useless but we think it is the matter of taste.

Mi8 Explorer Edition  back panel

The red accents on the internal details and camera modules look very harmoniously with Snapdragon logo.

Mi8 Explorer Edition  back panel

Mi8 Explorer Edition  camera

The battery was covered with a layer of fiber texture film to make the battery good-looking.

Also, there is one interesting detail in the left bottom corner. It looks like the message from the company, which says: “BE THE COOLEST COMPANY IN THE HEARTS OF OUR USERS.” You can see it in the picture below:

Mi8 Explorer Edition battery


Mi 8 EE has got top characteristics like the latest Snapdragon 845 chipset, AI double camera (12+12MP), 6.21-inch Samsung AMOLED screen, GPS and NFC support. There isn’t any difference to compare with a standard version of Mi 8.

Mi8 Explorer Edition  menu

Mi8 Explorer Edition  settings

According to the information it has got about 300.000 points at AnTuTu. Here is the comparison with the standard version of Mi 8. But you should note that the models differ in RAM variations.

Mi8 Explorer Edition  AnTuTu

At the GeekBench platform, the smartphone was scored at 2438(single-core) and 9097 (multi-core) in tests.

Mi8 Explorer Edition  Geekbench


1. 3D Face ID

This is a real reason to be proud! Mi 8 EE is the first Android smartphone that features 3D Face Unlock. To provide this feature the smartphone uses the complex structured light 3D module that is situated in the notch. The front camera scans your face data. It creates the depth map by analyzing facial points (more than 33000). In combination with the IR image it represents and registers the facial data.

Mi8 Explorer Edition  3D Face unlock

The feature works quite fast. Moreover, you can switch between two modes: 2D and 3D recognition.

Mi8 Explorer Edition  Face Unlock settings

The first variant is recommended if you want to save the battery charge level. If you wear glasses — it is not a problem, the unlock works well. But unfortunately, you can’t record multiple faces — only one.

In addition to this Mi 8 Explorer Edition has got and Animoji feature. You can create animated emojis like in the iPhone X. The front camera can capture about 52 facial muscle movements that can represent your facial expressions and your voice.

Mi8 Explorer Edition  Animoji

2. Built-in Fingerprint sensor

Mi8 Explorer Edition  fingerprint sensor

The device can boast with the in-screen fingerprint sensor that allows you to unlock the device by simple touch. It uses a pressure sensor that makes a vibration feedback when the device is unlocked.

Mi8 Explorer Edition  fingerprint settings


The model has got a 3000 mAh battery. Will it be enough for everyday use? Let’s check!

Mi8 Explorer Edition  performance

Some tests were made and the results are presented below:

  • 9 hours and 32 minutes is the working time at 30% brightness, 20% volume level, Wi-Fi(ON), SIM (NO).
  • Watching video online (volume 40%, brightness 50%) — the charge level decrease on 5% in 30 minutes.
  • Usual daily use (surfing the Internet, video-calls etc.) — the consumption is 6% in half-an-hour.

The model supports QC4.0 fast charge. The full charge of the device takes about 90 minutes.

Mi8 Explorer Edition  model


The performance is really impressive, but it was expected. The device has top-features to provide the user a good experience. This model will be appreciated by geeks, who really like something unusual, interesting and innovative.

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