Review of "smart lamp" - Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp

To date, very popular became to use the term "smart house", which implies automation of residential premises with high-tech devices (phones, watches, televisions, air purifiers, water filters, etc.) that makes life more comfortable. One of the highlights of "elements" of such devices is the Xiaomi Yeelight smart light displays with 16 million colors, which is very easy to control using a smartphone.

Product’s Packaging

As with all other devices, packaging in Yeelight is also made without any special coatings and dyes.

Inside the box there is a lamp dressed in a special case, besides, in the other package lays power adapter and manual user guide for device only in Chinese.

Since the built-in battery in this gadget is not available, respectively, it must be connected to the power supply.

Features of performance

Produced Yeelight in a cylindrical shape which base is made of aluminum, the upper part is made of light glass. Looks smart -lamp very bright and stylish.

One of advantages of this device is its relatively compact size and low weight - only 800 grams, thus without difficulty to take it to any trip.

Yeelight has an internal LED module from the company OSRAM, power of which is 10 watts.

On top of the smart lamp there is a very convenient control panel in the form of a sensor, where can be found: fairly large, integrated into the body button, which is responsible for the power supply and change of modes of the unit and at the bottom of the lamp - written main technical parameters of Yeelight.

The circumference of the device is rubber framing, which prevents possible slip of Yeelight Bedside Lamp surface.

As seen in the figure below, in the smart lamp between the glass and the metal part of the device there is absolutely no gaps, indicating a very high build quality of the device.

Device Management

Yeelight Bedside Lamp - quite easily controlled by using touch panel on the top.

The largest button on the touch panel is a button on/off. After switching on Yeelight, using the touch panel, you can control the intensity of light, on the same panel there is a button that changes mode of lighting manually - holding the button and at the same time by sliding your finger on the sensor, you can change the color of the light. There, on the top panel is a button that automatically changes modes of illumination.

At the disposal of the user 16 million of colors. Within the 1700K-6500K You can adjust the color temperature, as well as to choose level of intensity of luminescence of device, most suitable for you.

Managing of Yeelight smart lamp, can be done with the help of brand applications from Xiaomi, which are suitable for tablets and smartphones running on Android and iOS. Mi-applications interface are all in Chinese.

After synchronization of device via Bluetooth-connection and creating a Mi-account you get directly in the application menu, which consists of 4 conditional buttons.

First of these is designed to enable and disable the device.

The second - allows you to select from a variety of shades of all colors and thus change their brightness and intensity.

Due to the third button, you can adjust the color temperature only for one primary color - white.

And the fourth is used to automatically change the colors that are also user-selectable.

If you go to the settings menu of your application Yeelight, you can set a timer for automatic shutdown / disable device, select the off delay and see in action a lamp module.

Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that the smart lamp Xiaomi accommodates several major advantages over other similar devices:

  • First - it's certainly a myriad of colors - 16 million, which will be easily adapted to suit your interior Yeelight.
  • The second advantage is the ability to not only manually, but remotely control and use the tablet / smartphone.
  • Third - this is a great quality of performance and reliability of the device.
  • A fourth advantage is a compact and relatively lightweight device - only 800 grams, so you can, if necessary, take the lamp with you to any trip. 

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