Review of the new Xiaomi Mi power bank 10000mAh

Overview Battery Xiaomi Mi power bank 10000 mAh very relevant, because it is one of the most striking and functional new products - a series of accessories Xiaomi company.

Series Xiaomi Mi power bank, began with a battery capacity of 5,200 and 10,400 mAh. Then Mi power bank 5200mAh replaced in the most subtle and stylish innovation at the 5000 mAh. After some time, a series of accessories Xiaomi replenished powerful 16,000 mAh battery.

Now came the turn of the power bank capacity of 10,400 mAh, which have already changed to a more compact and convenient option - power bank 10000mAh.

Unlike the model 5200 mAh, which, as mentioned above, have replaced the battery completely different shaped style to the battery 10000mAh left "looks" like its predecessor - 10400 mAh, while simply reducing its dimensions.

The most significant feature of the new battery Mi power bank 10000 mAh, is its compact size and light weight. Visual comparison:

  • Xiaomi Power Bank to 10400 mAh (2014 year Release) - 90.5 x 77 x 21.6 mm and 250 grams.
  • Xiaomi Power Bank 10000 mAh (2015 year Release) - 90.5 x 60 x 21.5 mm, only 207 grams.

The vessel lost its novelty small 400mAh, but at the same time become much easier and more compact in size.

If we take into account the dimensions - the new Power bank 10000 mAh - it looks very similar to the first battery company - power bank at 5200mAh, they have almost similar shape and surprisingly - a significant similarity sizes.

Housing material in Xiaomi Power Bank on 10400 mAh - anodized aluminum, which is able to withstand more than two dozen kilograms load. For more convenient use, the edges of the housing in the new Power bank slightly rounded. The effective capacity of the new items is approximately 6250 mAh - it will be enough for about 3.5 full charging Apple iPhone 6.

The Power bank 10000 mAh one USB-output.

Also, especially for a new battery, went on sale stylish silicone cases with coloring for every taste and ribbed surface - which is very practical, because the ribbed surface is less affected by dirt, dust and other external factors.

There are certainly a lack of new cover - without the special slot that is designed to store the cable that comes with the battery.

The declared cost of Xiaomi PowerBank 10000mAh, - 69 yuan for the silver coloring and 79 gold and pink, and cost cover - 20 yuan.

What rates are for those who will purchase new items directly in China, in other cases, the cost at least can be multiplied by 2. Despite this, no doubt, Xiaomi PowerBank 10,000 mAh is an excellent and useful acquisition for you.

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