Review of Xiaomi Portable WiFi

Xiaomi Portable Wifi is so simple to use. It has many functionalities. We will cover one by one. 1st thing in the mind that it can't capture wifi but it creates wifi network for other devices to connect.


  1. Mi portable wifi desktop client
  2. Mi Portable Wifi Mobile app

Basic Steps:

1. Install both the clients in PC and phone.
2. Connect Portable Wifi in USB.
3. Open MiWifi Desktop client.

4. Connect your mobile to Portable Wifi like this.


Fuctionalities of Portable Wifi

Share your Internet connection with all other wirelessly connected Devices

1. If your PC is connected to internet via wired or wireless, then portable wifi device is used to broadcast it.

2. You can connect to internet after connecting to Portable Wifi.

3. You can see the devices connected to your portable wifi by clicking here.

4. You can go to setting by clicking here.

File transfer from PC to mobile

1. For transferring files from PC to mobile click here.

2. Drag and drop any file to share.

3. Open Mobile Wifi portable app and you can see the file shared in the PC.

4. Download and Enjoy. The files will be saved in SDCARD/mishare

Remote control your slides

1. You can change page of the power point presentation using this.

2. You can change the slides by swiping left and right in your mobile touch screen.

Save your data to cloud

1. Click here

2. Drag and drop any file u want to store to cloud.

Remote Computer Shut down

1. This is another feature of android client of portable wifi using which you can shutdown your pc after a specified period.

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