Review of Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Kit- the best solution for "smart" home

Today we look at a set of Xiaomi Smart Home Suite, designed to modernize your home and to give it a well-deserved status of “smart”.

In a set of Smart Home Suite included several sensors, with which owner of the home will be able to remotely track changes online of indoor climate, security and to regulate the system of protection and to control other systems.

The presented system is able to evaluate the current level of light and to record temperature indicators, as well as to inform about movements in apartment or house in absence of the owner. At the same time, owner of Xiaomi Smart Home Suite instantaneously finds out about all changes that occurred because of evidence of timely notifications on its smartphone via a special mobile application.

All together in a version Smart Home Suite there are four main sensor devices:

-Main hub that provides interaction between sensors and processing of incoming signals and then loads data to network;
-Motion Sensor;
-Sensors for installation on a door or window, signaling their opening;
-Technological analog of the doorbell in a wireless version.

All announced components in Smart Home Suite set are with a built-in battery, ensuring continuous operation of electronics for two years.

Xiaomi aims to develop a range of branded products not only with new mobile devices but also electronics for “smart” home along with new household gadgets for itself. The latest novelties were presented like: smart Mi Wi-Fi router 6TV, Yeelight nightlight, and Yi Camera Night Vision Edition.

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