Review on MiFa F1 speaker from Xiaomi

MiFa – is a portable speaker from Xiaomi targeted at athletes and active lifestyles. It has a moisture protection and a special carabiner for attachment to a backpack, bike or just on jeans or other clothing.

Contents of delivery

MiFa packing is fully justifies its sports orientation - a transparent plastic box with a yellow cap, which is adhered with a brand tape to the box.

Package is not rich, but the manufacturer has put the most necessary:

  •    MiFa speaker
  •    Yellow USB cord
  •    Instructions

It's nice that Xiaomi took care of putting cord for charging into the box for the speaker.

Design and appearance

Speaker is heavy, it is made of metal and rubberized coating. It has a volumetric disc appearance, with one face of which is a front side and the second is backside. On the front side of MiFa is dynamic’s grid and a white logo. And at the back - a special rubber ring-shaped stand for the better stability on the surface.

By the way, speaker is very stable, even an angle greater than 45 degrees will not make budge on ordinary varnished wooden table.

All around the perimeter of MiFa regulating buttons and holes for plugs are placed. Also on the circumference is a special spine to which carabiner is attached.


Buttons are very well positioned, they do not take up much space and at the same time are easy to grope. In total on MiFa body there are 5 buttons:

  •     reset
  •     answer a call
  •     play / pause
  •     on/ off
  •     Volume control

There are two slots that are closing with plugs:

  •     slot for microSD memory cards
  •     micro USB for charging

Also on the case, there are two small round holes with built-in LEDs that are indicating status of the battery and speaker connection to your smartphone or tablet.

Activation and control

Controlling here is very simple, do not need to download any applications, enough to synchronize to the device via Bluetooth.

To connect speaker, you must turn it on, it will beep Bluetooth Enable, and switch on Bluetooth on your phone and connect to MiFa (in device list speaker will be displayed as MiFa_F1).

Now it is possible to stream music from your smartphone (built-in player, VK, YouTube and other services) directly to MiFa. Speaker captures whole sound from the device, even system sounds messages or sound effects in games.

Control your music from your smartphone or directly from the speaker. Available following features:

  •     Switching tracks
  •     Volume control
  •     Play / pause


Speaker has a sufficient volume supply. Also, the manufacturer has built in MiFa F1 a small subwoofer, speaker makes a sound of pleasant vibration while playing music.

Sound from MiFa is clean and loud, no complaints when listening to music there. For fans of high-quality audio following formats are available: mp3, ape, waw, wma, flac.

In addition to playing music from an external device, MiFa can play your favorite songs on the memory card format microSD.

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