Review: Townew Smart Trash Can

MIOT Crowdfunding platform is a great ideas generator. And today we will talk about the device that can make your life more comfortable and your house smarter. Smart Trash Can produced by Townew Company is a quest of our today’s review.

A few words about the company: Townew is brand based in Shanghai that is specializing in the design and manufacturing of smart home hardware.

So let’s start our review.

The smart trash can is supplied in the corrugated box.

Just look how it works. There is a black sensor situated on the top panel. When it detects the passing object it will automatically open the lid. When you go away the lid will be automatically closed.


The size of this Trash Can is 240*300*400mm, which is higher than the ordinary trash can. It has the form-factor of the rectangular parallelepiped.

You can find the engraved logo “TOWNEW” on the top cover.

There is a black strip under the logo — an infrared sensor.

This Trash Can has a built-in lithium battery. It can be used for more than half a month when it is fully charged.

There is a “retro” switch button on the back.

Press the “I” and the device will start working. Press the “O” and the power will be disconnected. The charging jack is situated below the power button. The battery charging time is about 8 hours.

The bottom of the Trash Can also has a special design. It is provided with air outlets.

There is a round “Home” button similar to the iPhone on the front side. It has two main functions.

Firstly it can replace the IR automatic sensor. Secondly, it will automatically pack, seal and replace the garbage bag. Just hold on the button for 3 seconds. You need only to take the garbage bag out and that’s all. After taking out the garbage bag, it will automatically put on the new bag. If the bag is too much overloaded, it can also be packed with an adaptive length.

The volume of the garbage bag is 15 liters, which is larger than the ordinary trash can.

When the Trash Can is charging you will see the blue light, which indicates the charging process.

Well, Townew Trash Can is an interesting and useful device for your kitchen. Using it, you will forget about the irritating problem of taking out the garbage.


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