REVIEW: Zhimi (Smartmi) Smart Electric Heater

Zhimi, as a MiOT Ecosystem enterprise, specializes in the research, development, and production of smart electrical appliances. It is committed to providing system solutions for air circulation, purification, temperature and humidity adjustment for modern families.

Today we will review the must-have winter product - Zhimi Smart Electric Heater.

Unpacking & Details

Packaging is the consistent style of Xiaomi and MiOT Ecosystem products. The package box is made of solid carton for safe transportation.

There are the detailed parameters of the product on the side of the package. As you can see, the whole package weight reaches 7.3KG.

When you open the package, you will see that the surface of the Electric Heater is covered with a plastic film, and the four sides have a thick foam-filled lining for reliable protection.

For reasonable use of space, some brackets and screws were placed in one of the foam linings.

In addition to the heater body, the accessory kit consists of two brackets, four screws and one user manual.

Install a bracket with a screwdriver. When you install it, you can see that there is a black non-slip rubber pad on the bottom of the bracket to protect the wooden floor from damage.

The size of the smart heater is about 40cmX67cmX8cm. The product design is simple. The body is made of galvanized sheet material with a thickness of 0.6mm.

What is more, the crystal white color of the heater will serve you for a long time thanks to the added anti-scratch and anti-oxidation technology.

Let's take a look at the details.

Below, on the side of the body, there are specific parameters of this heater, including model, size, power rating, voltage and so on.

On one of the sides, you can find the control panel of the heater, including a black touch screen and a mechanical switch button.

The angles of the heater are curved. This detail is very good, especially for families with children.

The round power plug has s Smartmi logo on it. The power cord looks solid.

The touchscreen can be used to operate the heater: switch on and off, reset Wi-Fi, adjust brightness, display humidity, display and set temperature, and set the shutdown.

Among these features, the more surprising ones are the brightness adjustment and humidity display functions. The brightness adjustment is divided into three modes: bright light, low light, and off. The humidity is also a factor that affects comfort. With the humidity display, it is more convenient to judge whether the room needs to be humidified.

Another aspect of "smart" is that this electric heater is compatible with the Mi Smart Home. Just add the device according to the steps of the Mijia APP.

The operations that can be implemented in the APP are the same as those of the touchscreen.

You can also find the answers to all the common questions about device in the Mijia App.

In addition, the manufacturer says that the electric heater can be controlled via the voice assistant.

The temperature of the heater can be freely adjusted between 16-32°C to set the ideal temperature.

"Smart" is also reflected in security. The built-in temperature sensor will automatically power off when the internal temperature is higher than 95 °C. When the body is tilted at 45°, it will automatically shut down. The above picture simply demonstrates it.

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, let's talk about some aspects.

We made a simple test. In the case of indoor noise (28-29 decibels), the electric heater was turned on, and the indoor noise did not increase significantly. Therefore, its working noise will not bother you even in the nighttime.

The weight of the whole device after the brackets are installed is about 6.1KG. The whole body is slim with convenient inner handles on both sides of the body. So you can move it without efforts.

Finally, this electric heater has IPX4 anti-splash protection. However, for safety reasons, it is not recommended to use electric heaters in the bathroom.


In general, this electric heater has a small size and wide functionality. The model can be connected to Mijia APP for smart control. It is not expensive and will become a good addition to every interior.

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