Rice at Xiaomi Crowdfunding Platform. Chinese Traditions and Unique Taste.

Xiaomi and its Ecological Chain Partners continue rapid developing of grocery products at the Xiaomi Crowdfunding Platform. And today it is a white rice in packs.

A famous Chinese traveler and gourmet Chua Lan wrote that he tasted the most delicious delicacies every day but he missed the Chinese cuisine, especially rice dishes.

And we know why! Rice is the most important ingredient in Chinese cuisine. Every kitchen must have the natural and “traditional” Chinese rice, like this one, offered by Ecological Chain Partners.

Chinese rice, cooked at home can bring back some childhood memories about family dinner.

Rice is also a symbol of health and prosperity. Some people think that it brings luck and longevity.

But it is not all the benefits of this excellent meal. It can be cooked quite easy, and with using of Mijia Induction Rice Cooker it can be done even quicker.

Rice is allowed to eat even on diets, it doesn’t cause any allergies.

Rice has a unique taste. Typically, Chinese use their own perfect combinations for rice — for example, add soy sauce or red pepper. It is well-balanced with vegetables, meat, and seafood.

It is worth noting that rice contains starch, protein and a lot of vitamins (B — B1, B2, niacin, B6 group). In addition, it contains potassium, enough zinc, iron, phosphorus, iodine, and calcium.

Rice — is always the good idea, especially if we are talking about the traditional Chinese one. It deals with the hunger easy and tasty.

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