RoidMi B1 Anti-Blue Protection Glasses

If you are one of those people who spend a lot of time being on a computer, a phone, a tablet or any other electronic equipment than you must know what eye strain feels like. One of the reasons for that are the screens of your devices that emitting harsh blue light. Luckily, there is a way to help suppress the influence of it. Consider wearing RoidMi B1 Blue-light Blocking glasses, which Xiaomi’s eco-partner company showed on its crowdfunding recently.

The glasses will block 35% of blue light as well as 99.99% of UV rays. The lenses are produced by a world’s leading lens manufacturer Hoya and have a double-sided oleophobic coating that keeps fingerprint spots off of a glass. They have no tint and can be cleaned with a wipe, which also comes in the packaging.

B1 goggles are stellar not only at blocking blue light but also at wearing them. They have been manufactured using Grilamid (TR 90) — a pliable and strong material, which makes it resilient to damage. They weigh only 20 g and thus should not feel like a burden on your nose.

The most remarkable of all is that they only look like an ordinary pair of glasses. To use them you need to assemble them, which is fun. The screwdriver is unnecessary as all the parts clip on easily. They are shipped with two pairs of temples (one for everyday use and the other for outdoor activities) and two pairs of nose pads (to align with any nose shape).

Roidmi glasses are aimed at the younger generation and can also be fancy-colored into tortoise-shell or ice-blue, apart from black.

Roidmi cautions that these are not medical glasses, thus they are not intended for any kind of correction, e.g. myopia or astigmatism.

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