RunMi 90 Points Leather Shoes — Comfort in Every Move

The company RunMi 90 Points has been already producing the „smart” sport shoes for several years. But recently, the company’s designers, technologists and the members of the Xiaomi ecosystem decided to launch the leather shoes, which will be comfortable for both sports and everyday wearing.

RunMi 90 Points Leather Shoes making

First of all, the leading designers of the company thought about the quality of the leather. It should meet all the requirements of sport shoes: be elastic, breathable, lightweight and of course it shouldn’t interfere any movements.

The leather should be soft and thin, the thickness about 1.2-1.4 mm. This material is similar to the material of smartphones cases, but much stronger. Also it is very important to control the compliance of raw materials to all the SATRA standards.

RunMi 90 Points Leather Shoes

Technologists of 90 Рoints have decided to use leather as the main cover inside the shoes. This decision makes the shoes more elastic. As the main material the pig leather with a thickness 0.6-0.8 mm is used.

RunMi 90 Points Leather Shoes

The designers team of the company 90 Рoints learned in details the anatomy of the male foot. Based on these researches, the models from 39 to 45 sizes were developed. Now they are working on launching the female line of shoes. In general, we can say that this model will become the pride of the RunMi designers team.

This team works under the guidance of an experienced specialist who graduated the world-famous New York Fashion Institute of Technology in the USA and worked with well-known brands like NIKE, Reebok, Rockport and others.

RunMi 90 Points Leather Shoes

The main task of the design team was to make shoes with the least number of seams and cuts. Designers have developed patterns in such a way that even the tongue is part of the pattern. From the main part it is separated by neat slot.

RunMi 90 Points Leather Shoes

If you walk a lot, you 100% know that the insole is the „soul” of the shoes. For 90 Points shoes were developed the special insoles. They consist of three layers, which have a memory function. In addition, these insoles have a water-absorbing effect, and neutralize unpleasant odors.

The sole of the shoes is made of elastic Memory Foam material, reinforced with breathable pads that provide the shock-absorbing properties to the whole product.

RunMi 90 Points Leather Shoes insole

The company has been working since 1994 to create a stable shoe factory. It employs more than 700 workers, two production lines produce leather shoes. Each product passes 9 quality controls. The quality control personnel are the workers whose average age is 41, they have more than 10 years of production practice. They control everything starting from raw materials and insoles and finishing with laces.

RunMi 90 Points Leather Shoes producing

The design team of 90 Рoints offers an original idea of using two pairs of sneakers that have different colors: just put on one black and one white sneaker. We guarantee that you will certainly feel the interested views of people.

RunMi 90 Points Leather Shoes

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