RunMi 90 Points Smart Suitcase Totally Deserves an Award Like That

The highest award in cinematography is Oscar. The highest award in the design industry is iF Design Award. It is as prestigious and as significant for designers and firms as the coveted gold statue for all those involved in making a film. Do you know what one product out of the Xiaomi ecosystem won is iF Design Award in 2017? Drum roll, please.

The highest honor for its innovative design and premium quality was given to 20″ RunMi 90 Points Smart Metal Suitcase.

The suitcase was designed by Ethan Qian who said: “I was inspired by a retro design and tried to blend it with modern technology. I wanted to make a suitcase that would be a mix of classics and modernity and would be comfortable and convenient. I am happy with how it turned out. This is a genuinely reliable travel companion for all kinds of travelers”.

Whether you are planning a long-term travel or just want to live out of a suitcase, it is important you carry the right piece of luggage. A few years back a perfect suitcase was seen as one that was lightweight, maneuverable, was made out of qualitative materials and had at least two compartments for sectioning off your belongings. The suitcase of today can also offer many “smart” features such as syncing with your smartphone or tracking your luggage in case of a loss. If you want to have an up-to-date travel mate 20″ RunMi 90 Points Smart Metal Suitcase is a great choice. And here is why.

Advanced security features

20″ RunMi 90 Points Smart Metal Suitcase is one of those suitcases that can connect to your mobile device wirelessly via Bluetooth and can be controlled remotely. When you accidentally leave it behind and move more than 3 meters away from it, the case will lock itself and send a notification to your smartphone or tablet.

Traveling should give you a peaceful mind that is why the model has a TSA-approved lock to keep your possessions safe. The lock has a three-dial combination and you can set and reset it in any desired order. The lock is made out of highly durable materials and meets the standards of Transportation Security Administration.

The companion app is compatible with devices running Android 4.4 and higher and iOS 7.0 and higher. The app allows to lock and unlock the suitcase, monitor the status of its battery and manage notifications.

Hard shell that is less likely to be damaged

20″ RunMi 90 Points Smart Metal Suitcase looks like a window into the future. Its side and front are made out of magnesium alloy that allows it to be lighter than the usual aluminum suitcase and gives it a glossy metallic finish. The case measures 550 × 375 × 215 mm and weighs only 4.2 kg when totally empty. Such a great example of lightweight and yet durable piece of luggage. A hard shell protects the contents of the cabin from water and is not easy to deform. This suitcase can surely be trusted with transporting your belongings!

Four wheels make it easy to maneuver

20″ RunMi 90 Points Smart Metal Suitcase comes with four wheels that add to its convenience. They are multidirectional and can spin 360-degrees, which means that the case goes wherever you go effortlessly. The wheels perform great on any terrain so you can glide the suitcase practically anywhere.

Your old traveling case probably makes a lot of noise so you wouldn’t be caught dead rolling it around. The one we are overviewing today has rubber wheels. They absorb the impact of surface and let you travel quietly and smoothly. You can be sure of their durability as we have tested the suitcase by having it run for 45 kilometers fully loaded. And that is still not the limit of the wheels’ durability because even after that they are in good condition.

Handles that provide a comfortable grip

The suitcase features two handles that offer a very comfortable grip. The one on the top is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, is light and strong. It is retractable and can stop at several levels for people of different heights. It fits well in your hand and locks back in its place easily. The side handle allows you to carry the suitcase and makes it easier to pick it up when you want to load or unload it.

Five compartments to keep your essentials organized

When you unzip your suitcase having a clear view of all the things you have taken is priceless. 20″ RunMi 90 Points Smart Metal Suitcase comes with five compartments with various small and easily accessible pockets to divide different things like your documents, personal care items, underwear, regular clothes, footwear etc. That way you can find a specific thing faster.

Ethan Qian created not only a beautiful and stylish, but also a “smart”, reliable and comfortable piece of luggage. 20″ RunMi 90 Points Smart Metal Suitcase will guard your belongings and will always remind you of the journeys you had together.

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