Short review of Voice of China in-earphones by 1More

The Voice of China · 1MORE In-ear headphones!

A first look at the beautiful headphones!

As usual, like many piston earpiece, there is a rubber holder to keep your headphones niceley

The metal design is really wow.. 

The is how it look like at the front of the earpiece!

The Voice of China logo printed on the Earpiece

No longer plastic button for the control panel

It is vibrant colour for the headphones. Red!

It is gold plated!

Durable, break-resistant Kevlar fiber cable on the bottom and rubber on the top

Comparision with Rose gold piston headphone, look even more high class right!

These headphones sound fantastic. You don’t need to be a pretentious audiophile to notice the difference between listening to music with these headphones. Everything sounds great and,  you will notice aspects of your music you hadn’t before. Ambient noise cancellation is great, on top of all that. You can easily get lost in your music on the bus, at work, or just outside. 


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