SIMI Soccer Robot – the Toy That Will Never Let Your Child Be Bored

SIMI Soccer Robot is an intelligent robot product launched by one of the MIOT Company — SIMI.

It is a battle-type robot toy controlled by a remote control joystick. It can realize various football skills such as dribbling, stealing, passing, pushing, and shooting.

It will become an interesting toy for everyone and it doesn’t matter if you are 3 or 99 years old. The toy meets the national 3C and EU RoHS environmental requirements, allowing children to play safer.

The bottom of the SIMI soccer robot is equipped with a ball guard, which can help to protect the ball, turn around and make pass or shoot. There are two modes — Beginner and Pro, which are suitable for players with different skills. The requirements for the playing are not high. The robots can be placed on the desktop in the living room, bedroom and even at the office.

You can exercise your football robot control skills, perfect your scoring strategy and win it in a one-on-one game; or you can team up with friends and colleagues and experience with up to 22 soccer robots. What about organizing the ultimate soccer championship?

When the founder of Company talked about the product creation concept, he said: “I hope that more people will find the beauty of life in games. Especially children, because good games are the most beautiful memories of childhood.”

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