Smart air-conditioning - the brainchild of Xiaomi and Midea

One of the fastest growing company in the world Xiaomi confidently bursted into the niche developers of systems of "smart home" and unconditionally is a leader in the Asian market. This is indicated by the sales figures of the company.

The developers are constantly improving their products and introducing new types of "smart" devices. Recently Xiaomi introduced "smart" filters for air and water. In order to make reasonably smart other appliances, it was necessary to find a reliable partner among its producers. The choice of Xiaomi management fell on the well-known Chinese company Midea. And for good reason.

Since the late 60s of the last century, Midea is undisputed leader in the market of household appliances in China and other Asian countries. Midea products are known in Europe and former Soviet Union.

Having invested in Midea, Xiaomi has gained limitless opportunities for improving household appliances, since Midea does almost everything for the home.

Partners decided to start cooperation with the air conditioner. Improvements in design and electronic filing coming with the software Xiaomi led to a progressive device i-Youth Smart Air Conditioner.

Air Conditioner interacts with many "intelligent" devices from the Xiaomi ecosystem.

For example, all smartphones that are running with special application can act  as  a remote control for air conditioning. With a smartphone device can be turned on, set the program to adjust the temperature, speed, modes, and set the program of work.

Air conditioner i-Youth excellently pairs with a fitness bracelet Mi Fit (Mi Band). According to bracelet figures, air conditioning can be programmed to certain actions. For example, if a person enters the house (interaction zone), air conditioning can enable or disable, and start working on the heating or cooling.

Bracelet controls human sleep phase, and it can also be a tool for managing air conditioning. For example, when a person falls asleep, air conditioning goes into silent mode or turned off.

Also, i-Youth conditioner works well with a range of devices Mi Home Smart Kit. All events in the house can be commands for air conditioner. For example, opening a window can be command to turn off, and the movement in the house - for turn on.

"Smart" air conditioner from Midea and Xiaomi supports Bluetooth, Wi Fi, consumes 1 to 1.5 kWh and has a capacity of 620 cubic meters of air per hour.

Apart from that, the air conditioner i-Youth has a beautiful design, the indoor unit is available in four colors: white, blue, pink and yellow, which allows him to enter into any interior as an element of decor.

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