Smart Air Purifier from Xiaomi

Step by step Xiaomi continues to implement the concept of Smart Home created by the founder and director of Xiaomi Lei Jun.

The company has already launched such devices as remotely controlled lamp, camera, router and cloud data storage for the whole home.

Now it’s the time to think about the home atmosphere in the truest sense of this word.

On the 9th of November Xiaomi has launched the smart Mi Air Purifier.

Nowadays the purity of air is considered to be one of the main issues of human survival in Chinese megacities congested with transport, factories and people. Hence, this invention from Xiaomi is more important than ever for residents of the industrial part of China.

However, Mi Air Purifier will also come in handy for environmentally demanding Europeans.

Talking about the size, Mi Air Purifier is equal to a sheet of paper. It looks like a column, designed in the excellent industrial style of Xiaomi. Inside the column there is an engine and two fans, connected with the system of 4 air channels.

Another space is occupied with multilayer filter.

The device works similar to the principle of vacuum cleaner. Though, it absorbs particles not only from one particular segment, but all around itself. The purified air is blown up, which eliminates mixing it with polluted air in lower layers.

The performance of Mi Air Purifier is striking: it is able to process 406 cubic meters of air per hour.

That is, every minute this air amplifier produces 10 000 liters of fresh air.

Moreover, the application of the device is endless: it can be applied at home, in industrial premises, for the purpose of climate control and even for quick air cleaning in places with accidental leakage of dispersed pollutants.

Mi Air Purifier is controlled with the help of Mi smartphone, acting as a remote. However, the special app makes Air Purifier controllable by any Android-smartphone.

With the help of your smartphone you can set the device operation mode and watch the statistics of purified air volume. When the filter is clogged, the device will inform you at the screen of your smartphone about the need of its replacement. 

Mi Air Purifier is the new high-tech smart device from Xiaomi that have become another “brick” in ecological niche of Xiaomi products. All in all, the company aims to unite technologies and programming with a view to create an absolute comfort zone for inhabitants of every home.

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