Smart Refrigerator VioMi ILive – King of Innovations in Your Kitchen

Smart home devices are things that we need to make our life easier. And if we are talking about smart devices let’s just imagine our kitchen without a refrigerator. Do you agree that it is impossible? In the special shop, you can find a big amount of refrigerators for every size and with different characteristics like voice signals, antibacterial cover and special indicators.Could we surprise you even more? Recently VioMi has launched a new model of a smart refrigerator. What are the main differences of this model?

Viomi iLife refrigerator full view

Innovations are nearby

This type of refrigerator will be suitable for people who are looking for a fridge to keep fruits, vegetables and semi-finished products. As we know every kind of product should be kept in special temperature conditions. With VioMi iLive you will have three sections for the food. Moreover, the volume of this device is 268L and the dimensions are 600×690×1895mm. The big drawers provide quick access to food. Made from the special transparent material they allow you to see everything that you put inside. In this size, it will become a great addition to every kitchen and luxurious metallic body will not be unnoticed.

Viomi iLife refrigerator inside

5 sensors to control the temperature

Viomi iLife refrigerator saving freshness

Automatic cooling and a system of conditioning make the environment in which good are kept fresh for a long time. It supports about 7 different types of cooling for the every zone of the fridge.

Viomi iLife refrigerator climate control

Say no to bacteria

With a built-in system of filtration, the VioMi iLive becomes an ideal place to keep the food fresh for a long time. It neutralizes about 99.9% of bacteria and any unpleasant smell. Moreover, you can make an aeration of one of the zones more powerful if you need it.

Hot products are allowed

Viomi iLife refrigerator system

Maybe everyone can remember the situation when you suddenly put a plate with a hot dish or a cup of hot tea or coffee in the refrigerator. And all we know about horrible consequences of this action. But for the smart VioMi iLive it is not a problem. The special sensors will detect the increase of temperature and activate the cooling system to immediately temperature.

Viomi iLife refrigerator temperature

Energy efficient

Viomi iLife refrigerator ventilation

VioMi iLive has the first level of energy efficiency because it can provide low energy consumption with optimal characteristics. Thanks to the built-in new compressor with well-designed construction it allows to reduce the energy consumption for about 20% and to increase the speed of cooling about 40%.

More than usual refrigerator

Viomi iLife refrigerator full size

This kitchen device will become really your multifunctional assistant.

With its 10.1-inch display you will be able to control a lot of processes in your kitchen. For example using voice control, you can ask the system about what food there is in fridge at the moment. Or you can manage the other devices in the room (use the display like the remote control). If you feel bored while you are cooking you can call your friend or listen to music with VioMi iLive. Sounds incredible, isn’t it?

Viomi iLife refrigerator controlling

With this refrigerator, your kitchen will turn into the part of the smart house. A simpler life, more technologies into your house, everything for you and your family.

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