Smart sneakers Li Ning Smart Review

Two Chinese giant technology companies Xiaomi and national Chinese sports brand Li Ning worked together on this model and released smart sneakers Li Ning Smart. Let's see what they can do!


Sneakers come in small recycled cardboard box in brown colour which has logo of the company Li Ning. On the side is a special holder for easy shoes carrying.

Inside the box are sneakers themselves (in our review is blue model) and sensor that adds "smartness" to shoes.


Sneakers are in bright blue color, which is very good for running shoes, as a runner will be clearly visible on the road. The sole is made of so-called "foam", it absorbs well and softens feet hitting the pavement and other coverings. Underneath it is protected from abrasion, rubberized inserts of blue and green colors.

Main part of shoes made of synthetic material, which is well blown by the wind while running. On side of the heel there is yellow logo of Li Ning. Trainers are excellent fit and quality stitching, tailoring them to no complaints.

Inside is a removable yellow insole, and in left sneaker under the insole is a special opening for sensor.

Li Ning Smart Connect to Mi Fit

Trainers synchronized with brand application Xiaomi Mi Fit, for successful connection download the latest version of Mi Fit here.

In Annex next to statistic on the steps taken will appear tab "Running." Push on it and get in "Sports" menu, where you will be prompted to connect sneakers.

To connect chip to Mi Fit directly from app select "pare" and point camera at the back of chip, where it is drawn QR-code, scan it. Now shoes are connected to Mi Fit. Another application will ask you to connect bracelet Mi Band for more accurate tracking steps, in principle, it is not fundamentally affects the accuracy of measurement data.


Once connected, you can start movement. Click "Start" and app will start countdown 3..2 ... 1.

When running on a smartphone screen application Mi Fit will display statistics on distance covered in kilometers. You can also switch to "Map" tab and see the progress movement around the area.

Tracking movement on the map is done by GPS, but you can enable Wi-Fi for more accurate determination (if nearby Wi-Fi network is available).

What useful can show Mi Fit?
The application provides detailed statistics about your movements. All displays in real time, and data is stored in the annex Mi Fit. Application features:

  •     your position on the map
  •     plume from the starting point to the current position
  •     traversed path in km
  •     training time
  •     current speed
  •     rate (how many   steps made per minute)

To stop training you need to hold down button "Pause". Xiaomi well thought management: to pause you should not just tap on display, but exactly hold button "Pause," which prevents from accidental clicks.

Sensor Li Ning is demountable, but the manufacturer claims that it can work all year without a break. You can be assured with it, you rather wear sneakers than put the battery low in the sensor.


Li Ling –bright, soft, comfortable and are right trainers. Xiaomi has succeeded to add useful components to smart shoes, allowing you to measure all key evidence during training. Trainers have nice design and cost very little compared to other cross-country running shoes.
Order smart shoes Li Ning Smart in store, currently available in black, blue and green models. Which one do you like?

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Anyone know how to change the battery on that chip? I cant open it to change battery... Please anyone help me