Smartmi: Innovations and Growth

Zhimi (SmartMi) is a MIOT Ecosystem partner that produces the household appliances.

Over the first year of the company's existence, Mi Air Purifier, developed by Zhimi (SmartMi), literally broke the monopoly of foreign brands on the domestic market. Over just one year the company's valuation exceeded 1 billion dollars.

For the past 4 years, the company showed explosive growth.

Nowadays Zhimi (SmartMi) has formed a systematic approach to the product innovation. Using this method, the company is able to produce “best-selling” products.

Let’s describe the principles of the company's concept:

Customer Orientation - understanding and underlying the people's needs, discover the shortcomings and "pain" points of existing products;

Focusing - once the direction is determined, the company will focus on the target, approaching the optimal solution;

Integration - implementing of the best quality resources and the most advanced technologies in the industrial chain.

The Zhimi Air Humidifier 2 was launched in 2018. Evaporative humidifiers have been widely used in the industry, but when the SmartMi experts analyzed the existing products, they found that there are still many "pain" points:

1. The traditional filter evaporation method requires replacement of the filter quite often;

2. Based on the domestic water quality situation, the product water tank in some cases can be difficult to clean;

3. Evaporative humidifiers usually have small water bank, and it is not convenient to control the remaining amount of water during the use.

When you understand the existence of "pain" points, the target will become stable and clear.

That’s why Zhimi Air Humidifier 2 finally won an award in the 2018 Good Design Award (commonly known as G-Mark Award).

In the interpretation of Zhimi Product Strategy, there are always three keywords: General purpose, Minimalism, Anticipation.

General purpose

The important thing about this concept is: never use low-end products to participate in the price war.


Easy operation logic and simple design. The ability for users to access all the commonly used functions without learning.

An anticipation

Develop products as luxury goods providing the best price-quality ratio. Even if the users have used a large number of similar products before, the new model should still surprise consumers.

"We want to let everyone feel free from household chores, focus on the more important things and enjoy life." - this is what a company stands for.

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