SoocareX3 Has Ranked Top in the List of the Best Toothbrushes in China

Xiaomi’s partners are serious players in the world’s technology market. Their products are high-qualitative, newfangled and always have that exact something the customers are in dire need of! That could be why SoocareX3 ranked 3rd on Top 100 list of popular toothbrushes in China. The brand Soocare ousted a lot of competitors as well to be in the 4th place on the Top 500 list of most valuable manufacturers in China.

SoocareX3 smart toothbrush shares the spotlight with products from Phillips and Braun not without a reason. Here is what the Soocare toothbrush won the hearts of many of its users with:

  • high-quality compound of the toothbrush handle;
  • unique bristle structure and arrangement;
  • oscillating technology and protective mechanism;
  • up to 25 days of battery life;
  • synchronization with a special app on your smartphone;
  • interchangeable brush heads;
  • several brushing modes;
  • IPX7 waterproof protection

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