Stars Choose RunMi!

It is well understood that Xiaomi has long gone beyond the average manufacturer of smartphones and tablets level. The Chinese brand presents an entire ecosystem that encompasses all spheres of modern life. One of Xiaomi’s directions is the production of reliable and smart suitcases of the 90points series. The RunMi market offers these and others accessories.

If you think that such products are a sort of peculiar oddity — you are utterry mistaken. More and more people, especially in China, choose the RunMi suitcases, preferring the Xiaomi ecosystem rather than the models of competitors. What attracts users? Price, quality, reliability? Everything! After all, we’re still talking about RunMi products!

Not only common people, but also solid businesspersons, musicians, Chinese cinema and television stars choose 90points suitcases — that is one more confirmation of our words. Who are we talking about? Read on!

Liya Tong

The famous Chinese actor. With what does she travel? That’s right — with a 90points suitcase!

Wendi Deng (Dèng Wéndí)

One of the most successful and influential women in the world. And is this a white 90points suitcase close by? And what kind of backpacks is she looking at?

Mai Yi

The Chinese TV and movie star. Where is she hurrying with her stylish RunMi brand suitcase? Home or to a film production? In any case, a 90points suitcase is always close by!

Wang Feng

The famous Chinese rock singer. As you can see, the type music style is not a problem for RunMi. The rock musicians also choose 90points suitcases!

Song Jia

The star of Chinese TV and cinema series, and a singer. It looks like she never parts with her 90points suitcase!

Song Zuer

A young Chinese actress known for TV-series. Indeed, the RunMi brand suits all ages!

Huang Zilan

A well-known Chinese news anchor. A loyal and solid 90points suitcase is useful in any profession!

What kind of RunMi suitcase do you choose?

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