Steam Cleaner by Deerma — Cleaning Has Never Been So Easy

MiOT Ecosystem brand Deerma has launched the crowdfunding campaign for the new multifunctional steam cleaner.

The device is quite compact — the size is 389×85×180mm and the weight is 2kg.

Steam Cleaner is a universal device. Thanks to the different nozzles included to the package the user can make different types of cleaning. The device can help you not only to clean away some dirt but also to kill 99.9% bacterias and dust mites.

Also, Deerma DEM-ZQ600 can clean different types of floor, kitchen furniture, windows, mirrors, curtains, upholstered furniture and so on. Just in one device, you can get your home cleaning assistant.

How does it work?

The device has a water tank with 230 ml capacity. It takes only 20 seconds to heat up the water at 150 degrees. After that, the user has 11 minutes for cleaning.

If this amount of time is not enough the user can repeat actions and fill the water tank with water again.

The steam cleaner has lots of benefits

  • You can avoid using chemicals for cleaning;
  • Soft nozzles gently clean the surfaces and don’t leave any scratches;
  • Antibacterial effect;
  • Can clean the hard-to-reach places.

If you like when your house is clean and in addition to this, you don’t spend much of your time for cleaning — Deerma Multifunctional Cleaner is a good choice for you.

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