SUNMI Announced A Facial Payment Technology

SUNMI – MIOT Ecosystem partner has shared some incredible news at the conference that took place in Shanghai. The theme of the conference was “Enable. Empower Face Payment Era”.

Sounds intriguing, doesn't it?

At the conference, the company announced four new products SUNMI P2 PRO, SUNMI V2, SUNMI handheld scanner, SUNMI W1 commercial router, and SUNMI Cloud OS 3.0 system. About 900 people including partners and media representatives witnessed this important moment.

The SUNMI Cloud OS 3.0 system released at the same time successfully overcame the shortcomings of the old system. The new system can boast with improved stability and smoothness of work. To provide better user experience the company added some new functions.

Also, the company shared its ambitious plans. One of them is launching a Face Payment Technology. As we know the company is famous for its smart payment devices adopted for desktop and mobile usage.

Such kind of technology can provide the company with more opportunities to be used for different business scenarios.

Can it become a substitute to NFC? Time will tell.

But we know that it will change the traditional payment methods.

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