Take a Joy of Embracing Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse

Until laptops stole the show, introducing touchpads, a mouse was our one true love. It still is irreplaceable when we require extreme precision — gaming and working with Photoshop would be a stressful experience if we used a touchpad.

If you still get uncomfortable with a touchpad or would like to refresh your PC hardware — a new Xiaomi Bluetooth Mouse is right down your alley!

Mi Portable Mouse boasts a unique design, setting it apart from similar devices. It would be a nice match for a Mi Book Air! The mouse wears an aluminum shell, which has been anodized like that of Mi Book Air, with an ABS-plastic on top, and has two color options: gold and silver.

The mouse is very compact (110.2×57.2×23.6 mm) and lightweight (77.5 g) comparing to its siblings. It will fit the tightest compartment in your bag pack.

Its dual-mode connection enables to connect it to two devices simultaneously: utilizing Bluetooth 4.0 and a dongle. It runs with laptops, PCs, tablets, Mi TV and has coverage up to 10 meters.

The mouse sports just two AAA batteries and can last up several months, before getting them changed. The mouse can work on any surface owing to an accurate laser sensor. It will do well on a glass, a piece of paper, cloth, ensuring precision of 95 %.

Mi Mouse is an ideal pointer companion at home, in the office, in a café or on a plane. Its technical agility and comfortable design provide a stress-free experience all along.

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