Take Care with MiaoMiaoCe Smart Thermometer - FAQ

If we suffer from bad air quality, market instantly reacts by producing such devices as air purifiers, but what it takes to care about things that easily overlooked — temperature, for example.

It is good that some company cares about peoples health and convenience by such details as MiaoMiaoCe Smart Thermometer.

1. MiaoMiaoCe Smart Thermometer

Q: What is the ZenMeasure MiaoMiaoCe smart thermometer?

A: It is a button size smart thermometer, attached to the skin of the chest, that real-time transfer temperature data to the phone or tablet, it can draw the temperature curve, so you can check the temperature trend at a glance. It also set the high and low-temperature alarm, so that parents can rest, assured that their child has a good night sleep without fever.

Q: What is the usage scenario?

A: The typical usage scenario is continuous monitoring of the baby’s body temperature for fever, that is pretty hard because measuring is affected by environmental temperature fluctuations. The night is more appropriate for temperature monitoring, because of relatively small changes in ambient temperature so the body temperature fluctuation is more stable during sleep.


2. Alarm function and sound

Q: Does the alarm sound ring continuously?

A: Yes, until you click OK to cancel the alarm. But the next time when the temperature hit the high/low alarm line, it will trigger the alarm again. (Special reminder: check the phone volume — it cannot be in a “silent mode”, or “no alarm sound”, background operation or lock screen may lead to Bluetooth connection interrupt)

Q: Does does it alarm when the temperature is above or below the set temperature?

A: When the temperature is hit above the high-temperature line or low-temperature line it triggers the alarm:

When the temperature passes through the high-temperature line, it will trigger a high-temperature alarm;

When the temperature passes through the low-temperature line, it will trigger a low-temperature alarm;

It’s better than just have one high or low-temperature alarm line.Parents can set the high or low temperature when the baby’s temperature reaches the preset temperature, the phone will raise the alarm instantly.

3. long distance measurement

Q: which distance has to be between the smart thermometer and the phone/tablet?

A: MiaoMiaoCe has an effective wireless transmission distance about 10 meters in an accessible environment. Please use it within an effective wireless transmission distance.

(If you want to use device beyond the range of Bluetooth, you can use the “remote monitoring” function — it requires a mobile phone in the Bluetooth range to complete the transfer function)

Q: how long is it measured?

There is a process of heat transfer that depends on the difference between your room temperature and the measured temperature.

When it is measured, mainly observe temperature change curve, when the curve tends to flatten, the temperature rises about <0.1 ° C within ten seconds. when we can think that a heat balance has reached, the measurement is completed, and APP will notify you.


4. product characteristics and safety

Q: Is there radiation in MiaoMiaoCe smart thermometer? Does it affect your child?

A: MiaoMiaoCe radiation also much lower than the radiation clutter of the room, so you can be assured of it safety easy to use.

Q: The smart thermometer so thin and delicate, what age should children be for use of thermometer?

A: The minimum width of the smart thermometer is 32 mm, it’s not easy to swallow accidentally, but for the safety regulations, we don’t recommend to play with the thermometer and not give it to 0-3-year-old children.

Q: Is it easy to remove the smart thermometer from baby skin?

A: The baby’s skin much more delicate than adults, so we recommend a continuous use of the thermometer not more than 8 hours.

Specific methods of operation:

Take in one hand MiaoMiaoCe smart thermometer, hold the second hand lightly on the skin, then pull the thermometer away from the one side to the other and easily remove the device.

This piece of tape designed specifically for the baby, but also allow parents to easily remove.

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