TDS Water Dispenser With Water Heating Feature By MiOT Ecosystem

MiOT Ecosystem partner — XiaoLang has launched the crowdfunding campaign for the water dispenser with a heating feature.

The device doesn’t have a water reservoir, which you should fill and control all the time. It can adapt different types of bottled water on the market.

The model looks like a traditional MiOT Ecosystem device made of white matte plastic. It consists of a base with a button control panel and a faucet.

The heating takes only 3 seconds. No need to wait till the water boils if you want a cup of tea.

Water dispenser uses the metal oxide thick film heating technology.

The device has a control panel with an LED display. Also, it has a TDS meter that shows the real-time water purity measured in ppm

There is 5 temperature adjustment: normal temperature, 40°C, 55°C, 85°C, and 100°C. Different temperatures for different drinks, quite convenient, isn’t it?

The model has a child lock, so you shouldn’t worry that your child can get burns by hot water.

The device has already got more than 4000 preorders. And it is not surprising, because the Water Dispenser can replace a kitchen boiler and electric kettle and, what is more important — save your time.

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