Technology and Aesthetics on the Wrist: Mijia Smart Quartz Watch

With the development of wearable devices, more and more products are emerging one after another. People’s requirements for smart watches are getting higher and higher. In fact, a watch is not only a manifestation of taste but also plays an extremely important role for everyday use.

Today we will talk about the new Smart Quartz Watch model, released by Mijia —Xiaomi sub-brand.

The model was launched in three color variations: black (with black strap), white (with blue strap) and gray (with the gray strap). The strap is made of cowhide leather imported from Italia. This qualitative material was used to provide the comfort and breathability. The model will be suitable not only for men but for women too. The double-dial design makes it even more interesting.

To activate the smart features of the watch you can use the MiJia application. The watch can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth. You can use different smart features like adjusting time, step counting, vibrating reminder and additionally have some features of fitness bracelet.

The case of the watch is corrosion resistant thanks to the 316L stainless steel. The Water Resistance level is 3ATM.

Talking about the battery, it uses CR2430 button battery that will be enough for 6 months of work. When the battery is used up, it is quite easy to disassemble it.

The App control is quite simple. The watch can pair with Android v4.4 or above and iOS 7.0 or above devices. When you connect the device to the smartphone you will be able to see the battery status, adjust the current time and set up the reminders.

It supports the World Time feature. Adjust and select the time zone and Mijia Smart Watch will automatically rotate the time according to the chosen one.

The built-in motion sensor can track the number of steps. You can check the number per day through the small dial of Mijia Quartz Watch. The small dial has a step scale (measures in 0~15000 steps), the maximum scale rate is 20,000 steps.

You can see the statistic of the day, week and month to monitor your recent sports activity. At the same time, it shows four indicators such as the number of exercise steps, exercise duration, energy consumption, and exercise mileage.

The “interval reminders” is a very useful feature, especially for office workers. You can set the reminder for 1 to 60 minutes. Through the vibration of the watch, remind yourself to work and have a break, and maintain the best working conditions.

You can add 10 alarm clocks to the Mijia Quartz Watch. After the point, the vibration will remind you to get up or start to do the to-do list.

It even has a “call alert” feature, you can add up to 10 contacts. With this feature, you won’t miss important calls when your phone is muted.

MiJia Quartz Watch is a representative of the perfect combination of the beauty and technology. Long battery life, smart useful features, and interesting design make it perfect watch for everyday wearing. And all of this you can get at the affordable price tag.

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Hi, Does the pedometer automatically moves with respect to steps taken or else we need to calibrate the pedometer steps in the mobile app everytime to see exactly the same in the watch what we are seeing in the mobile app?