The Best Xiaomi Gadgets and Accessories for Sports

If you like the activity, cannot imagine your life without sports, train every week — this article is for you. We made a selection of 7 best products from Xiaomi and its partners, who will make your sport activities not only more interesting, more convenient, but also help to motivate you at the classes.

1. Wireless headphones from the partner company 1MORE

Music has always been not only the way to relax, but also a fairly effective motivator. Many researches prove that if you listen to music while playing sports, the endurance increases significantly, and training with the songs of your favorite performers much more pleasantly than listening to the surrounding noise.

The most popular models that the company offers are:

The advantages of a wireless headset is that you no longer need to get caught up in wires, especially when you are dealing with inventory (dumbbells, barbells, etc). Also, you have the ability to respond quickly and easily to an incoming call without pausing the training process.

2. Fitness bracelets and smart watches

Two categories have merged at once: fitness trackers, which are designed to measure all the necessary parameters for an active lifestyle (heartbeat, number of steps passed, sleep and kcal, etc.) and a smart watches that are equipped with fitness bracelets, but have more advanced features (the ability to view notifications from the phone and listen to music)

If you want to acquire such a gadget, we recommend that you pay attention to:

3. Sneakers

Sneakers — one of the most important attributes that you need for sports. With shoes from RunMi, you will not only have comfortable sports shoes, but also a fitness tracker — “two in one” so to speak. Now you can measure the distance of running or walking, in the application see the calories you spent.

Or the usual model without a built-in chip, simply provides you with a comfortable foot fix during running and other activities, or simply during everyday wear.

4. Bicycles

And if you are already tired of running and regular visiting of gym, then what about feeling the breeze of the city, especially if the weather allows? Now the conversation is about electric bicycles from MiJia QiCycle. With built-in on-board computer you can track your achievements (distance, speed, etc.) or view your statistics using the application.

The bike is very convenient to store, because it can be literally folded in half and it does not take much space

5. Smart scales

Well, for those who are in the process of losing weight or just need to maintain a stable weight Xiaomi has developed special scales Mi Smart Scale. These smart scales will not only accurately measure the weight (with an accuracy of 50grams), but also track your weight statistics in the MiFit application.

6. Action cameras Yi (XiaoYi)

If you are an active person, and constantly travel, engage in extreme sports (snowboarding, surfing, bicycle racing, skydiving), then you just need an action camera. Xiaomi has a lot of sports action cameras from the company Yi Technology. The camera easily syncs with smartphones over Wi-Fi.

7. Backpacks Mi

With such backpacks from Xiaomi it is convenient not only to go workout but also for a walk around the city. Fashionable stylish design and waterproof material. Everything for your maximum comfort. Backpacks are universal, there are both male and female models available.

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