The fresh photos of Mi 9 were shown

If you think it is a joke - you are mistaken!

A couple of days left before the new flagship Mi 9 will be presented.

At the same time, the company's representative shown some new fresh shots in their social networks.

The second name of the model is the "Battle Angel".

Xiaomi promises that the new model will surprise you with its design, gaming capabilities and performance.

Now let's talk about design.

Engineers had to work very hard to achieve such a unique "cosmic" gradient.

Xiang Wan, one of the Ecosystem Managers, noted that this effect was achieved by the combination of laser engraving and two-layer nanocoating.

Also, the pictures show a triple camera with a flash. It confirms all the rumors.

As we can see that Mi 9 is not just a new smartphone. It is the result of hard work and the reason for the company to be proud.

We remind you that the release of the model is scheduled for February 20th. So stay tuned.

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