The Key to Success of МI Smart TV

For many people, a smart TV is the center of their entertainment and smart home hub. Intelligent TV allows users to drop wires and enjoy unlimited Internet content on first demand. Smart TVs are growing in popularity, and filling the market around the world, with most of the world’s leading manufacturers making smart TVs. Do you want to know when the project was launched and how did it develop? Then read on!

Mi TV was established in 2012, with the ambition of “building the world’s best smart TVs that everyone can afford” according to the company’s core value — to offer consumers well-designed and high-quality products at affordable prices.

During one of the meetings, Xiaomi founder and CEO Lei Jun told the team that the company had already released a large number of small screens in the form of a successful series of Xiaomi smartphones. Now it was possible to bring large screens into people’s homes. Therefore, it was decided to create intelligent TVs that followed product philosophy to be as user-friendly and “smart” as possible.

Wang Chuan, co-founder leading Mi TV department, has big experience in the TV industry, and he was able to bring this experience and understanding to Xiaomi.

It was a difficult start for the Mi TV team. Wang Chuan talked about his experience of visiting nine suppliers in eight different cities for five days. In addition, the television engineers had to stay in the factories for three months to ensure that the entire production process followed high standards.

Their hard work finally paid off, as Mi TV became the fastest growing TV brand in China in 2017, even despite a general decline in the market. Mi TV was recognized as a best seller among smart TV on Tmall and JD, China’s leading e-commerce platforms.

Innovation is the key to success

Van Chuan attributes the success of Mi TV to the tireless innovation implementation. Mi TV includes several innovative features, including:

11-key remote control

Mi TV 1, first television product working on the MIUI system, was announced in September 2013. It appeared as a simplified interface of the smart TV with an innovative 11-key remote control.

Usual remote controls use dozens of keys, and easily confuse consumers. This weak point was solved by removing unnecessary keys, simplifying the work for users.

• Independent Soundbar

Mi TV 2 announced in 2014, comes with an independent sound panel with nine built-in speakers and a subwoofer, which significantly improves sound quality while watching movies or games.

• Innovative modular design

Mi TV 3 was developed with an approach to modular design. After launch in 2015, redefining the industry of 60-inch 4K TV in China. It was divided into two parts: a 60-inch LG True 4K display and a Mi TV Bar, which includes a motherboard, a Mi Box, and an independent world-class sound system. Since the Mi TV Bar can be paired with any screen with an HDMI port with a Mi Port-to-HDMI cable, users can simply purchase the Mi TV Bar if they want to upgrade their old TV, and it’s much cheaper than updating the whole set.

• The first PatchWall content system

In addition to updating the equipment, the direction “first content” was always the main one for the Mi TV team. Mi TV has become the largest center of TV content in China, cooperating with the best video sites of the country, including iQiyi, Tencent Video, Sohu Video, and PPTV.

In September 2016, at the launch of the Mi TV 3S event, they announced the AI TV PatchWall system, which truly improves the content and user experience. He can predict the content, based on the fact that users have watched and provided more accurate recommendations through in-depth training, as well as favorite users on the main page.

PatchWall was a big hit on the smart TV market in China, receiving many awards, including “the best TV OS in 2016”.

• Voice control

Securing the position of the TV as the center of a smart home, in March 2017, announced Mi TV 4A. This model combines voice commands in PatchWall, so users can verbally inform their Mi TVs to search for a specific movie. They can also ask their TVs to monitor the products of the Mi ecosystem, such as the Mi Air Purifier and the Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner.

• Design

Mi TV 3 won the world-famous Red Dot Award 2016 for its design, and now Mi TV 4 offers the world’s first almost no frame, super slim body 4.9 mm!

“Today we have reached our goal, and all the hard work has really paid off,” said Van Chuan, who could not help but worry about the presentation of Mi TV 4 in May 2017.

Lei Jun personally brought the warmest congratulations to Wang and the Mi TV team and thanked his team for such great success.

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Hii Friend, I used this product so I know that, this product is really great. it's remote is very supportable and catch TV from the very long distance.

Hii Friend, I used this product so I know that, this product is really great. it's remote is very supportable and catch TV from the very long distance.