The President of Shanghai Industrial Design Association Visited 90GOFUN Office

The president of the Shanghai Industrial Design Association has visited the office of the 90GOFUN. The representatives of the company showed the office and presented the latest models of the products for president.

The most impressive in his opinion were the suitcases in the exhibition hall. From the basic travel bag to the fascinating travel case, from design appearance to the functionality and practicality — every product incorporates unique design elements and luxury view. The 90GOFUN design partner reported the product design concept to the president and highlighted the 90GOFUN’s own research in metal suitcase development.

A lot of Chinese celebrities and stars appreciated the features of this suitcase. The large-area mirror design in some kind is the breakthrough of general suitcase pattern design. Also, the suitcase won 2017 German iF Industrial Design Award.

In 2016, Runmi became the top 10 Xiaomi Ecological Chain Company in sales.

In 2017, 90GOFUN brand beat the Samsonite Company and other senior international brands. Up to now, about 2 million units of suitcases have been sold. President Wang praised: “The appearance is beautiful, the product is exquisite and the functionality is practical”.

90GOFUN was established in February 2015. It committed to create the high-quality travel products. The main focus is on suitcases, backpacks, functional shoes and travel accessories. Its parent company Korrun is one of the companies in the domestic luggage industry. It not only owns the industry-leading R&D and design team, but also sets up the Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, the Provincial Engineering Technology Center, and postdoctoral workstations. In addition, Intel built a smart laboratory together with Hefei University of Technology, Shanghai Polytechnic University, Beijing Institute of Technology and other scientific research institutes and promoted the technological transformation and innovations of the industry.

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