The Robot by Ninebot, Xiaomi and Intel Was Shown at CES 2016

As you know, earlier Xiaomi has made significant investments in the Chinese manufacturer of personal transport of the future, Ninebot. With the help of Xiaomi Ninebot has bought the Segway company and all its developments, and some time later there was presented a gyroscooter — the Ninebot Mini.

At CES 2016 Xiaomi together with Intel has demonstrated a robot on the Ninebot platform: it is actually the same gyroscooter, but with small hands and a display on which you can see a friendly face. It rides independently, it expresses emotions, and even shoots everything on video. In addition, the robot has a function of following the user, navigation, etc.

Most of the elements can be removed from the robot and it will again become a personal transport Ninebot Mini.

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