The Unboxing of Mi Wi-Fi Router Mini

As soon as I got my router out of the parcel, my Lover Mi Bunny quickly rushed over and requested a few photos with the router. (I do have a Sitting Bunny, but it was there sitting and refused to budge.).

I got Mi router with additional package of Mi Bunny, that I made some shots with it.

A nice eco-friendly box, and Mi Wi-Fi router, AC adaptor 100-240V and instruction manual in it.

At the rear of the device there are two LAN and one WAN sockets, USB port and AC adaptor jack.

The body of Mi router is slim and stylish. Acute angles are the feature of the device.

Two antennas are moving up and down, and Mi Bunny decided to do some exercises.

The old Belkin router activated an alert when a new router came beside it. Hovewer, I decided to use the, both.

Then I plug 1TB Seagate Wireless Plus in the USB port of Mi router as the local cloud data storage.

The Set-up

For setting up the device you must use MiWiFi router app from Play Market or Mi Market. Unfortunately, it’s only in Mandarin, non-China people need to setup it intuitively.

First: connect the router

Second: login to your Mi account

Third: download and install PC-client (it has English interface)

Set up a password for your LAN

After the first setting, you are getting to the Final setup page with a QR code. It is a link to downloading the App.

Find the router, connect to it again and login to Administrative interface.

Click on the blue button to test a speed of your extranet.

You can check for updates.

Then get to the main administrative page. It is simple, without hidden options.

Mi Wi Fi router connects all of Xiaomi smart home devices, such as Xiaomiu smart Camera, USB drive as the Extra space and other devices. You can stream videos from you local cloud storage through Mi router.

Throught the Expand Plugins you can get variety of supported plugins. All of them in Chinese.

Xunlei Cinema: Enjoy your favourite movies here.

Xunlei KanKan: Allows for viewing your favourite shows.

Xunlei Cloud Accelerator: Accelerates your download speed.

Mi Wi Fi router Mini is an easy to setup device. It connects all Wi-Fi supporting devices in home and makes the Mi smartphone a remote control for all devices such as Smart Camera, Cloud Storage, Mi Light and others.

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