The Yi 4K+ Action Cam Is a Mouthwatering Device with 4K 60fps Video Support

The Yi company made a serious statement when it launched a 4K action cam. It still one of the fast-selling cameras Yi ever made and there is no doubt in our minds about what could bring it to such a success. Amazing 30fps frame rate, wide viewing angle, top-tier processor make it the best bang for that buck. Much to our excitement, it has now been upgraded with some heavy features that set it far apart from other budget offerings.

A new Yi 4K+ is as simply designed and is as robust as Yi 4K and it can survive falls and severe temperatures. It is also equipped with a similar 2.19-inch retina display, 1/4-inch thread for a selfie stick and USB Type-C connector. The latter shows 40 megabits per second transmission rate, which is a double value of what Yi 4K offered.

Yi 4K+ action cam sports better video recording options that provide a smoother and sharper footage. That includes 4K video capture up to 60fps, EIS and RAW image format support. Sony’s latest IMX377 12 MP 1/2.3-inch sensor and Ambarella’s low-power H2 processor are doing the hard work behind the scenes. And you will still be able to shoot 4K Ultra HD videos since Ambarella chip consumes very little power. The Yi 4K+ shares the same 1400 mAh battery as Yi 4K has, which translates into 8 hours of stand-by mode.

Including a voice command into the box is a great move. The Yi 4K+ allows to operate the cam hands-free and tell it to take photos, start recording or turn off which us especially helpful when you mount it on your head. A wealth of other options is available in the app.

Yi also advises on having a few accessories that will help to enhance the user experience, like a waterproof case or handheld gimbal, which the company also sells.

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