This 1MORE Headset Provides Intelligent Hearing Protection

Why should we be concerned about each high-level sound in our environment? Because it can affect our hearing in a very unsatisfactory way.

In 2014, Dave Russell’s youngest daughter, Niki, was diagnosed with noise-induced hearing loss. The doctor told him that the culprit was the headset she wore every day on the way to school.

The problem of hearing loss has become a popular case among younger generation of today’s society. Approximately one in five teenagers suffers from some form of hearing loss. Young people, mainly 12 to 35 year olds, in order to enjoy music through the music player are exposed to high-decibel volume. If to talk numbers, 1.1 billion people in the world, when the whole population of the world is nearly 7.5 billion, deal with decrease in hearing.

After Niki’s diagnosis Dave Russell searched through the entire headset market to find the right headset with hearing protection. And he surprisingly was not able to do it. So he decided to make a research in the hopes to develop headphones with hearing protection not just for Niki, but also for other people in the world who are in need of it.

Hearing protection feature is not the most important reference when choosing the headset. However, for those who have to live with this diagnosis or have children in the family to spare from the disease this is a factor to consider. Music can cultivate the mood, create the atmosphere, and accompany us everywhere and anytime. But does the most wonderful music worth even the smallest bit of our health? The answer is still unclear.

Dave Russell is one of the founders of 1MORE. The company designs Bluetooth headsets that help to prevent hearing loss. Not only does 1MORE take care of the sound quality and product quality, but also has a solution-oriented strategy. All of the components must be non-toxic and harmless as user health is the first thing in mind when they design each product. 1MORE has a profound experience in producing headphones and uses real cases, like that of Mr. Russell, to tell the world how inappropriately loud sound can cause irreversible damage to ears. All headset manufactures should learn to shoulder the health of user and not only use it as a source of profit.

1MORE MK802 is equipped with aptX decoding technology and three adjustable levels of bass to deliver great sound quality. Its volume monitoring system ensures that you not fear for the health of your ears. 1MORE MK802 looks great, sounds great and lets your well-being be great as well.

MK802 uses plastic steel and titanium polymer for the head bridge. Such a combo makes it tough, durable and lightweight. The headset comes with 1.2m-long wire with a remote control adapter and 3.5mm headphone jack. It boasts of a 5 month long stand-by time and needs as long as the two hours to fully charge. You can use it for calls for 26 hours and play music for 15 hours. In case you forget to turn the headset off after you stop using it, it will automatically switch to dormant mode to reduce power consumption. The headset can be paired with 1MORE app via Bluetooth 4.1 for more track manipulation features.

This smart Bluetooth headset delivers high-quality sound, has an ergonomic design and a companion app to play music. 1MORE has always upheld the production of the highest value of the headphones and these are just the right pair of cans for those who want to protect their ears and hearing health.

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