This Is How MiJia Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner Works

Robot vacuum cleaner Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner from the first day of its release has impressed users with its powerful characteristics, and relatively low price. Many people really wanted to learn more about this device in order to understand how the designers managed to create such a nice gadget. And at the same time to understand how this Robot Vacuum Cleaner manages with the tasks.

The MiJia Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner is delivered in a cardboard box with the cardboard compartments for accessories and a foam block for the robot inside. The delivery set includes a charging station, a charging cable and a tool for cleaning the robot’s brush.

MiJia Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner is literally stuffed with different sensors: an ultrasonic sensor, an infrared sensor, a laser scanner, a collision sensor, a gyroscope and so on. Not bad, as for such a small device!

The device has a built-in battery with a capacity of 5200 mAh. One battery charge will be enough to clean up to 250 square meters.

The surface of the robot’s body looks as good as the surface of the charging station.

Access to the garbage container is very thoughtful. Just open the upper part of the robot’s body and you will find it. What’s nice, the container has a built-in HEPA filter.

Thanks to the robotic vacuum cleaner being driven by the motor, high air pressure (up to 1800 Pascals), the garbage collected by the device will tightly confine in the container.

For the high-quality cleaning, the Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner brush is equipped not only with bristles but also with soft rubber “ribs”. Such a design is not a novelty — many leading manufacturers of robotic vacuum cleaners have already used it in their devices. The length of the brush is 165 mm. The enormous suction power, applied to the relatively small area that the brush passes, provides a really high-quality cleaning.

And don’t afraid that the Robot Vacuum Cleaner will miss some part of the surface! For his competent movements is responsible the navigation system, created according to the principles of NASA’s Mars rover.

We are talking about SLAM — an algorithm of actions that imitates the work of the human brain. Thanks to the laser rangefinder located in the 360-degree small rotating tower on the top of the device, the robot systems scan the landscape and make a map of the room. Once Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner draw a map of a certain room and it won’t be lost!

During the “apartment tests” the robot showed itself in all its glory. He moved quickly, but at the same time, cautiously moved around the room, carefully cleaning it and simultaneously scanning the surrounding area and drawing a map. It was as close as possible (about 1 cm) to the walls, marking them on the map. The legs of the chairs and beds he also introduced into the map as obstacles.

This accuracy allows the robot not to crash into the obstacles and avoid them during the next cleaning. Even when the robot got into a difficult situation (drove between the leg of the table and the legs of the chair under the table), it moved several times orientated about few seconds, scanned the surrounding area, and left this trap.

Another feature of the robot is that based on the map of the room the robot builds its own cleaning route. He divides the map into zones and tries to clean them as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner has a function of monitoring the battery charge level. That is, when the system detects that the battery level is low, it automatically sends the device to the charging station. When it sets up into the docking station, the robot gives a voice signal, meaning that it is charging.

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with a smart component that allows synchronizing with the smartphone. Thus, the smartphone, with the help of a special mobile application turns into a remote control, it can set the limits of the movement to the gadget, control the suction power and receive all the cards drawn by the robot, etc.

To check the capability of the powerful suction system in the device was conducted a special test. The sand was sprinkled onto the carpet, and the gadget was given a “start” command.

The results were impressive — after 2 minutes of use Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner collected about 30% of sand and after 20 minutes about 55-60%. At a maximum suction power, the percentage of sand collected was about 65-70%! And this is a quite high rate!

At the next test on the floor the quartz sand, hair and the solid granules of cat’s tray filler. And if in the previous test the robot we were pleasantly surprised after the second test we were completely shocked by the results! After 2 minutes he cleared the surface by 85%, and after 6 minutes he cleaned it completely!

The robot vacuum cleaner perfectly coped with the cleaning of corners! The noise level of the gadget is really comfortable on the level 67-68 dB.

As you can see, Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner fully justifies the numerous positive “advances” given to him. He is powerful, stylish and smart. And, most importantly, he always glad to do the work that you, perhaps, do not particularly like.

More information about this vacuum cleaner you can get in our video review below.

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