Top 10 Features of the Xiaomi Redmi Pro

1.Top processor Helio X25

Xiaomi calls Redmi Pro the flagship smartphone in its Pro line not for nothing. It is equipped with today’s most advanced processor MediaTek Helio X25 with 10 cores and up to 2.5 GHz clock speed. Mali-880 GPU is responsible for graphics.

2. The first Xiaomi smartphone with dual camera

Could anyone imagine that the first Mi smartphone with two cameras will be not the Mi 6 or Mi 5, but one of the budgets Redmi lineup phones?

Two cameras are designed to get more light while shooting, as well as to change the focus of the picture after taking a snap, allowing you not to miss anything important.

3. The first Xiaomi smartphone with OLED display

Also Redmi Pro is the first Xiaomi smartphone equipped with an OLED matrix, not an IPS display, as other models. The company claims that today it is the brightest display in the range of Mi phones.

4. The first Redmi smartphone with a front fingerprint scanner

Before the release of Redmi Pro, all Redmi smartphones had fingerprint scanners on their rear face. But Redmi Pro became the first device in the lineup, which has got the scanner on the display, built into the ceramic Home key. A similar location of the scanner can be seen in the flagship Xiaomi Mi 5.

5. MIUI 8 on board

Redmi Pro will come with the branded MIUI 8 operating system pre-installed.

No boring updates from MIUI 7 to MIUI 8, all the advantages of the new firmware will be available to you immediately after purchase. You can read about new features of MIUI 8 in our review.

6. USB Type-C

Mi 5 and Mi 4c, and now Redmi Pro — all of these smartphones have a double-sided USB Type-C port for charging and syncing. This means that the smartphone connecting is now even more convenient since you do not need to worry about the USB connector position, it is symmetrical and can be plugged in either side up.

7. 2.5D curved glass

Glass, which is slightly curved to the sides of the smartphone, is called 2.5D, it is the elegant solution used in many Mi devices for screen protection.

Redmi Pro also has such a protective glass over its 5.5-inch Full HD display.

8. Three different versions — what is your choice?

The smartphone is available in three versions which are indistinguishable in appearance but differ in technical performance.

  • Helio X20 processor with 3 GB of ROM & 32 GB of Flash memory
  • Helio X25 processor with 4 GB of ROM & 64 GB of Flash memory
  • Helio X25 processor with 4 GB ROM & 128 GB of Flash memory

9. Hybrid SIM slot

Redmi Pro smartphone has a hybrid slot for SIM-cards and micro SD memory cards, which means that the user can choose what to use: 2 SIM-cards or a SIM and a micro SD memory card. The SIM tray can be extracted by the special pin included in the package.

10. Battery

The smartphone is running on a 4050 mAh non-removable battery that is good enough for the device to operate all day long. The battery also has a fast charging support.

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