Transport of the Future: QiCycle EUNi Electric Scooter Review

The world is getting into scooters again. Well, isn’t it the right timing? In the era of biggest pollution scooters, next to bicycles and monocycles, and other they are a great environmentally friendly alternative to cars. To that, cars get stuck in traffic jams and they do not get you all the way to your destination. If you need to get from point A to point B quickly, an electric scooter is the option to go.

Today we unpack QiCycle EUNi Electric Scooter. Among all of the scooters this one is special because it arrives almost fully assembled, can carry a 100-kg person and has an anti-hijack security system enabled via your smartphone.

The scooter ships in a well-made cardboard box. Inside the box you have the scooter, which is nicely secured with cardboard inserts, the handle, the charger and the user’s manual in Chinese. QiCycle EUNi Electric Scooter weighs almost 13 kg and is 1120-mm long when folded.

The right handle is a twist-grip. Only a slight twist is required to get the engine started. The left handle is just a handle and is equipped with the brake lever. You do not need to squeeze the lever fully to make scooter brake as the brakes are very sensitive and respond to a lever promptly. The braking distance is impressively short.

The right handle also features a handy screen that displays vital stats of the scooter: the speed, distance covered, battery supply, smartphone connection status to name a few. The display comes with three buttons to adjust the riding mode.

QiCycle EUNi Electric Scooter is a front-drive scooter with a motor located in the front wheel. A powerful 250W motor starts immediately and the acceleration is very smooth. It does not have struggles moving the scooter a  12-degree  hill.

The front wheel has a pneumatic tire and the rear one has an inflatable air tire. If you feel that there is not enough air in the tire, you can use a card pump to fix that. With tires like that the QiCycle EUNi Electric Scooter can ride almost any type of terrain.

The scooter is also equipped with bright LED headlight and turn signals on the back. It feels itself comfortable riding on both a sunny day and when it is raining. Its housing protects the electrical innards from water and splashes very well.

QiCycle EUNi Electric Scooter connects to a smartphone app via Bluetooth. The app lets you interact with the scooter and check on the above mentioned stats. It also allows to lock the motor of the scooter for security reasons.

The maximum speed it can cruise at is 20 kmh and that is an excellent speed to still be able to maneuver on a busy street, without hurting anyone. It fully charges in less than 2 hours and offers a 20-km range.

The scooter is very low maintenance. It can stand by itself without leaning on a wall or a bike rack. If the battery runs out of juice the scooter folds down small and can be rolled like a suitcase using a pair of additional wheels.

How cool to ride on it with the breeze!


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